Treat Your Dog On Valentine’s Day

Your dog gives you unconditional love year round, so why not shower him with love on Valentine’s Day?  No box of chocolates for your four-legged friend, but there are many other options to pamper your dog that won’t make him sick.

If you want something a little more special than just a box of dog biscuits from the grocery store, check out your local pet stores for fancy treats made just for Valentine’s Day. Some larger cities even have dog bakeries that cater to the canine palate, whipping up tasty treats from ingredients that are safe for dogs, yet fancy enough to put Cake Boss or the Ace of Cakes to shame.

A bit too expensive for your tastes?  Grab a rolling pin and make your own treats at a cost of mere pennies.  You can find recipes for homemade dog biscuits and treats with a quick search on the internet, and most require a few simple ingredients that are staples already on your pantry shelves.  Pick up a dog bone-shaped cookie cutter that can be used year round, or use a heart from your own cookie-baking supplies.

You can also make cakes and cupcakes for your pooch to share with their furry friends at a Valentine’s Day party.  You don’t want your dog to have much sugar, but many foods can be added to eggs and flour to make yummy cakes – jars of strained baby vegetables, peanut butter, mashed banana, or carob chips or powder (carob tastes much like chocolate, but doesn’t have a toxic effect on dogs unless eaten in very large quantities).  You can even make a mock red velvet cake by adding beet juice to color the batter.  Cottage cheese can be used for frosting, or mix a little flour with yogurt to spread over your cake.  Once again, the internet is your friend when looking for recipes for homemade goodies for your pets.

Even simple dog treats can be presented in a way that fits the special day, so don’t forget the tail-wagging friend of your human Valentine when you’re out buying flowers and candy.  Dog biscuits that you’ve purchased or made yourself can be tucked into a tin adorned with a red ribbon or bow, or you could dress up a glass container with dog bone or heart shaped stamps.  You can even make your own simple stamps using a new kitchen sponge you’ve cut into an appropriate shape if you don’t have traditional stamping supplies on hand.  Special treats in a store-bought cookie jar make a nice gift — just make sure the recipient knows they’re for the dog!

Lisa Mason is a dog lover and writer for Doggie Clothesline, an online boutique where you can find dog clothes, accessories and other goodies to treat your favrite pooch right.

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