Treating Ear Infections With The Help Of Osteopathy

Middle ear infections are common in children. At times, the infections are so severe that parents have to take their children to a doctor right away. There are many reasons why children are more prone to ear infections. According to doctors, kids’ Eustachian tubes are narrower, shorter and more horizontal compared with adults. This makes the movement of liquid and air difficult. Due to the inflammation of Eustachian tube tissues, bacteria get trapped inside. Common causes of inflammation include allergies or cold. These factors lead to inflammation and redness of the eardrum.

The majority of school age kids experience suffers from glue-ear at least once, and around 30% of kids aged between 6 and 11 suffer from this condition over and over again. Another term for this condition is otitis media or AOM.

Doctors, for the most part, try to treat AOM with antibiotics. Sadly, this offers only a short-term reprieve and the kid may have to go through surgery in order to get rid of the problem. This is really a serious problem.

You can try out other treatments also, for example, adenoids removal and antihistamines. But the success rate of these treatments is not very high. When it comes to osteopathy, the other treatment methods do not address the underlying cause. The common cause of ear infections is poor drainage from the ear. It is not possible to treat these infections through Eustachian tube in the past.

Nowadays osteopathy is used in order to treat the underlying cause of factors of AOM. At times, too much pressure on the skull of the baby during delivery can cause ear infections. In the same way, the use of ventouse cup of forceps at the time of delivery is another common cause.

In addition, in caesarean or rapid birth, where the skull of the baby has not gone thru the molding process, the baby can suffer from AOM.

Other problems that can occur due to the scenarios given above include feeding difficulties, general distress and irritability, colic and so on.

A lot of studies have been carried out in order to find out whether osteopathic treatments are useful in the treatment of glue-ear. The conventional medicine has not accepted osteopathic treatments for the treatment of otitis. A research paper published in “The Osteopath” by an Italian osteopath in 2001. The research was conducted on a small number of patients having chronic ear conditions. The patients had tried out many treatments but none could help them get rid of the condition. Then the patients tried out osteopathic techniques and the results were positive.

If you or your love one is suffering from AOM or otitis, you should do research and hire the services of a professional osteopath. The good thing about osteopathic treatment techniques is that they are safe. On the other hand, traditional treatment methods may cause side effects. Hope you will find this article helpful in understanding the importance of osteopathy for the treatment of otitis.

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