Treatment Of Cancer Is Well Performed In Israel

Colon cancer treatment will be performed in Israel through leading oncologists. The complete effort of leading institutes of technology specialists allows hospitals to introduce creative technologies of diagnosis and tumor treatment of gastrointestinal tracts. Best results can be expected from them throughout stages of disease. Herzliya Medical care center private hospital is fulfilled with the highest standards and complete care and safety. The experienced staff will deliver the atmosphere of immediate recovery from disease. Colon cancer is a tumor forms in the epithelial cells of inner shell. The highest growth of cancer cell will lead to tumor mass. It forms the layer between lumen and disruption. This kind of cancer has ability to germinate through all layers of affected intestine. It also extends to nearby organs of abdominal cavity which also moves to the lymph nodes and other parts of body. Whatever may be the problem; there are some symptoms through which diseases can be predetermined. If you want to treat the issue in earlier stage, you are needed to know about some symptoms.

Treatment Of Cancer Is Well Performed In Israel


Symptoms are as follows,

  • Irritation called diarrhea and incomplete bowel movement will be observed

  • Blood flow will arise in stool

  • Unexplained weight loss

  • Anemia followed by chronic blood loss as well as iron deficiency symptom will arise

  • In the pre level of disease, signs of intestinal obstruction such as abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, vomiting and acute intoxication will occur. As it is needed to perform immediate surgery, it has to be performed. If it is not performed, then patient’s life will get suffered and so it requires the doctor to perform immediate treatment.

If these symptoms are well known, then one can take timely diagnosis of colon cancer in order to recover from disease completely.

Diagnosis of colon cancer will be soon carried out at Herzliya medical center private hospital. Patients will be given with modern equipments in order to make them recovered from disease in the earlier stages without leaving it to grow for extended stages. They will completely test the degree of damage with most common forms of cancer.

They follow some methods under diagnosis of colon cancer and they are,


  • Fecal occult blood tests including immunochemical test method will be undertaken as it is expected to treat as soon as possible. It has the capability to control intestinal bleeding.

  • Endoscopic testing of intestine through colonoscopy with flexible optical devices will allow surgeon to not only analyse intestine but also to assess the condition of biopsy of suspected intestinal tumor sites.

  • Video capsule endoscopy will be performed to examine the gastrointestinal tract.

  • A histological examination of tissue samples taken through biopsy will help one to establish a definite diagnosis.

  • Modern radiological and visual search methods including ultrasound, CT, PET CT and MRI will be used to estimate size, location and presence of neoplasm in other organs. Virtual colonoscopy, a diagnosis method and it is a type of computed tomography as it has ability to determine disease through pathological processes.

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