Trends In House Decorating In 2013

Thinking about redecorating? Its always fun to give your home a fresh, new style. The 2013 trends are anything but dull. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, to create a beautiful and cozy home for the entire family. Here are a few trends that decorators expect to take off for the coming year.

Shabby Chic
The elegant home. “Shabby chic” may be yesterday’s favorite look, but today’s home is simply elegant and inviting. You don’t have to throw around a lot of cash to get an elegant home look. Think rich colors and fabrics, classic styles and classic accessories and objects. Popular objects that are classic include candlesticks with long, tapered candles or silver plated picture frames with black and white photos, framed in white mats. Elegant home colors include white, off-white, ivory, burgundy, forest green, indigo blue and soft pastels.

Shine is so 2013! If you want to bring your home up to date in an easy way, try this: add some shine to it. What do we mean? Gloss is one of the most popular trends this year. Add a wall in your living room with a paint that has shine in the paint. Or add some accessories in the room that gleam and have that lovely gloss to them. While you may have to dust a bit more, its all worth it to be following one of the most favorite home decorating trends of the season.

Metal Minds
Brass is classy. Metal is a popular accent, and with brass you get the best of both worlds. You get a beautiful, shiny metal, but you also have a budget friendly metal. When you have a beautiful, budget friendly metal it is easier to put it anywhere you please. The rich, vibrant hue of brass is warm, and inviting, easily making any space in your home seem cozy. Try adding brass accents to your kitchen, bathroom or dining room. Picture frames, hooks, appliances, accents on furniture and objects d’art are popular choices when choosing beautiful, classy brass!

Add some art to any room. This is one of the most popular trends of the year. If you love art, you’re going to be thrilled with the home decorating of the season, because having art on your walls is very “in.” Its easier than ever to add art to your walls, try shopping at popular online crafts and artisan site to find something that will look perfect in your bedroom, the baby’s room or the living room. Or get some paint and get inspired to create something of your own!

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