Trying To Know The Details Of LMIA Visa Canada

You should know about the procurement process of LMIA Visa Canada. For this you need to have the right idea regarding LMIA or Labor Market Impact Assessment. This is the sort of document needed by the Canadian employer before hiring a foreign professional. The positive LMIA will portray that there is the need of a foreign worker to fill up the job category. The document will also show that none of the Canadian worker is available in order to accomplish the intended job. In certain cases the positive LMIA is known as the confirmation letter. In case the employer needs the LMIA he can apply for the same.

Applying for the Work Permit

Here you have the details regarding Canada LMIA based Visa. Once the employer gets in hand the LMIA he can surely apply for the work permit. In order to make a job application the worker needs the following. He needs to have the job offer letter. He needs in hand the specific contract. He will also need the copy of the LMIA. There are more things needed like the LMIA number. Almost all Canadian work permissions are in need of LMIA. The former name of the same was labor Market Opinion. LMO was needed to hire the temporary foreign candidate.

Trying To Know The Details Of LMIA Visa Canada

About the Concept of LMIA

LMIA is known to be the kind of labor market verification method whereby the Employment and Social Development Canada or ESDC will assess an employment offer in order to ensure that the job of the foreign worker will not be having a wrong impact on the kind of Canadian Labor market. The employers will have to provide with variety of data regarding the post for which they are looking for candidates. This will also include the Canadian candidates who would be applying for the position. This will also include the Canadians who appeared for the interview. However, the employer needs to give explanation as to why he did not consider the Canadian workers for hiring.

Taking Things into Account

There are several specifications for LMIA Visa Canada. In analyzing the offer of employment ESDC one is sure to consider the following. The salary of the foreign worker has to be consistent with the average for the job in the position or the area where he is located. The working conditions have to be consistent following the labor law and this is based on the collective bargaining as part of the agreement. It is important to know whether there is shortage of labor for the said occupation in the particular region or locale.

Things to Consider

In order to apply for the Canada LMIA based Visa these are some of the best things, you need to know. You should make sure regarding the ongoing labor dispute in the industry or the company. It is vital for the Canadian employer to undertake the kind of recruitment efforts in order to locate the right Canadian for filling up the position. There is also the reason for hiring the foreign candidate in order to create or retain the jobs in case of the Canadians.