Turning Videos Into Popular Resources

Having your video on YouTube isn’t enough to just have people watch it. With so many people uploading videos every minute, there is a vast number of videos that never get noticed. A common question to ask yourself is, how do I make my video set ahead from all of the others? It’s the most important question and answer to know regarding video marketing your videos online. I’ve created a little help guide on getting your video out there and making a difference with thousands of video views.

Choose Your Topic Related to You
A topic you are passionate about is going to be that much more appealing. People can see right through that babble crap of talking out of your rear. You need to be entertaining and in order to do that, you need to hold passion of that topic. Remember writing essays in high school about topics you hated? It took you forever to think of what to say and how to say it. Passion about your video topic is the same way.

Have Entertaining Antics
Do you have any idea how many videos are uploaded a day? How is your one video better than 90% of those? You need something different about your video that people can remember but still be entertaining. Maybe your good at video effects, comedy, funny faces, ugly teeth, or a talking bird. My point is that you need to find your antic trick. Every video needs to have something different to make people remember it from.

Share Your Video Online
This one rarely gets done because it takes work. Go to online forums and share your video. You should have enough confidence to want to share the video. If you don’t have the confidence then head back to the editing room for more messing around. The more you share the video, the more views you start rolling together. Video views spiral into a viral additive equation.

Socialize With Other Channels
YouTube is a social network and commenting on other videos and profiles actually builds the rank of your profile. Most people don’t know this but it works to your advantage. Keep up with socializing with other people and it will pay off. The more popular you are in the network, the more popular your stuff becomes. Try to leave comments that will get likes by other people. Builds major rank on this one.

Build Another Great Video
A great artist is going to have more than one great song and or video. If a person is happy with your one video, chances are he or she is going to look for more videos. You new to have more videos for that person to watch and endure. The more awesome videos you have, the better odds of your name being remembered and your videos being bigger and better.

Chris W. writes about expanding yourself as an artist and as a do it yourself marketer. If you want to succeed you need to be heard as much as possible.

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