Uganda Starts Successful Waste Usage Process, Steps Out For Green Economy

Several farmers of Uganda have turned their hands into green farming and are reaping the profits out of it. The process has helped them in getting favorable benefits by using organic manure to help in making his land fertile. A nearby landfill construction with the help of the Municipality of Lira helps a local farmer, Patrick Ocen to access the organic manure, and contribute towards green farming.

According to the farmer, the process has helped him a lot and has even brought prosperity to his family. Earlier, he was unable to cultivate his land and get sufficient yield, but with the use of the organic manure, he is now able to yield a huge volume of products from his land. He is even able to yield a variety of crops at different seasons, which was almost next to impossible previously.

The jubilant farmer reports that now he is able to meet his daily needs without facing any problem. He even adds that seeing his prosperity and the volume of yield, his friends and the other farmers of the region visits him in order to take cultivating tips from him. The other farmers are also becoming highly motivated to implement the process of green farming in their lands, and get a profitable harvest just like Ocen.

The deputy executive director of NEMA (National Environment Management Authority), Gerald Sawula mentioned that the green farming is really helping in the upliftment of the living standards of the local farmers. On the other hand, it is also helping in making the environment fresh. No harmful gas is emitted in the process of transforming the organic waste into organic manure, adding to safeguard the environment of the world. Accordingly, the green economy is associated with harmful emissions and usage of recyclable materials, such as natural waste. This practice also helps in a natural and structured process of waste-management.

According to the director, the process does not involve a release of methane or other harmful gas in the environment, thereby keeping it safe from the danger of global warming. In addition to these advantages, the project has also opened several opportunities of employment for the local inhabitants.

The compost initiative is regarded as Uganda’s initiative to contribute globally towards slamming the brakes at the dangers of climatic change that the world is facing in the modern times. The greener aspect of the process involved in the process helps in avoiding the release of harmful gases from the decomposing waste materials. Uganda has received a huge fund of 37 million US dollars for a decade to come up for a solution of successful waster management program, and they have achieved that at the end of the day.

However, the region still faces certain challenges while preaching the use of such type of manure from compost waste for increasing the fertility of their land. Most of the people of the region refrain from using the manure saying that their land is still fertile and there is no need to use such a kind of materials to enhance fertility. This is posing a great challenge for the authorities to sell the product in the regional market.

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