Understanding How Long Your Personal Injury Claim Will Take

If you have been injured in an accident, no one knows better than you the pain and suffering that comes hand and hand with that incident. Beyond the physical damage and emotional stress, an accident can also take a heavy toll on your financial stability as well. You may not be able to work, and that means you cannot afford to care fully for your family. You filed a personal injury claim, but have no idea when you will ever see that money. While the uncertainty surrounding when you will receive your due compensation can be a stress all of its own, there are options out there, such as lawsuit funding, that can take away the long wait and get you the money you need now.

It Takes How Long?

When you first hired your personal injury attorney and asked how long your claim would take to resolve, chances are you got a vague answer, if any at all. That is because the lawyers honestly cannot give you a set time limit. Every injury claim will be unique and therefore there is no real way of knowing how long it will take.  . There are certain cursors to alert you to give you an idea.

Statute of Limitations

In most states, there is something known as a statute of limitations, which, in this case, would mean how long a person has after an accident to file a lawsuit. When you first go to your attorney and sign with them, this constitutes filing a claim. It is not yet at the time when a lawsuit needs to be filed. Typically, if you contacted your attorney within a reasonable amount of time following your accident (days or even weeks after), you will have a long two-year wait before the case reaches statute and a lawsuit is actually filed.

Litigation Stage

Once a lawsuit is filed, you enter what is known as the litigation stage of your case. The suit has been filed with the court and the defendant and their insurance company will now have to participate in a phase known as ‘discovery.’ This is where both sides trade all of the evidence they have compiled in this matter and can ask questions of the opposing side. From here, there are also arbitrations, depositions, and maybe even a jury trial. Once statute has been met and proceedings have begun, there is no deadline looming to speed up the process, it can still take years even from this point.

You Need the Money Now

Unfortunately, life does not stop while you are pursuing a personal injury claim and that means you need that money you are currently owed. That is when you may want to look into a type of lawsuit funding that would provide you the money you are seeking up front so you can get your life back on track as soon as possible.

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