Understanding Silent Reflux In Babies

According to medical reports, babies may suffer from acid reflux. Not all babies who suffer from this condition show the same symptoms. Some display visible symptoms, while others show silent reflux signs. Some babies vomit frequently after breastfeeding. In this case, the baby does not put on the right amount of weight. These are very clear signs that something is wrong. In general, it is not easy to diagnose silent reflux in babies.

Normally, babies with silent reflux do not vomit or spit up. Instead, they tend to swallow the regurgitated liquid. Some babies even choke on the fluid prior to swallowing it. Doctors find it more difficult to diagnose the condition because the baby does not vomit or spit up. Moreover, your baby may or may not vomit during the visit to a doctor. Babies with this condition keep on gaining weight as they feel relief from the pain when they eat more. As said earlier, doctors find it difficult to diagnose the condition in absence of clear symptoms. So, it is the responsibility of parents to keep tabs on the reactions of their babies to find out what is going on.

If you doubt that they are showing symptoms of silent reflex, then you should notice their habits more closely. Babies weep for many different reasons. Some find it difficult to have a sound sleep at night, while others want you to hold them all the time and start crying as soon as you put them down. While your baby is weeping, you should pay attention to the sound they make. Normally, babies cry when they get bored, tired, hungry, or scared. In some cases, they weep when they feel pain.

After a few days of monitoring, you will be able to identify the actual reason behind your baby’s crying.

If your baby cries in pain, you should keep an eye on the circumstance when he or she weeps. Does your baby weeps when he or she is laid down? Does he lie on his stomach or back? Does he feel hungry so soon after feeding? Each time you feed your baby, listen to him. See if you can hear the fluid coming up from his stomach to the mouth. In this way, you may hear him chocking on the fluid.

If your baby has bad breath or his nose keeps running all the time, this means he is suffering from silent reflux. If this is the case, you should take your baby to an experienced doctor and explain the situation in detail. Unnecessary delays can make the condition of your baby worse. So, you should take necessary steps as soon as possible. If the symptoms are clear, then you have no excuse to make delays.

Your doctor will examine your baby and prescribe the right medicine. Aside from medicine, you need to take care of your baby in order to help him recover in short order. Silent acid reflux is treatable only if you monitor your baby and follow the prescription of the doctor.

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