Understanding The Need For Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

A person who is charged with a crime should be concerned as any criminal charge is serious enough to warrant a need for a federal criminal defense lawyer who can provide proper legal advice. Federal criminal cases can be complicated and may require the expertise of a defense lawyer who has extensive background and experience in litigation of federal crimes. Their specialization and expertise may come with a high fee, but the fact remains that a federal criminal case is best handled by a federal criminal defense attorney and that’s what the fee counts for.

The Federal Criminal System
In its present form, the United State’s federal criminal system provides the prosecution with a lot of advantages that even a wrongly accused defendant has a slim chance of case dismissal or acquittal. In many cases, defense has no chance of winning. If they do, it’s only because there was a courageous judge or jury that resisted the pressure of the criminal system to convict and put a criminal in jail. With this set-up, a criminal charge is almost a guarantee for conviction if the accused has no good federal defense lawyer to prove his or her innocence or disprove the charge against him or her.

Federal Criminal Investigations
Anyone contacted by the federal agents or representatives in connection with a criminal investigation should be able to discern and determine the purpose of contact – if it was to be a witness or as a suspect. In the same light, one must determine what must be said to the federal agents that will not be incriminatory and work against the person. Not everyone will have this knowledge though and even if they did, the circumstances of how the person was contacted by federal agents may cause panic that will definitely make anyone forget the proper course of action. Presence of mind and a good advice from a defense lawyer will ensure that the person’s acts or statements will not be used later on to incriminate him.

With a federal criminal defense lawyer clearly advising of the proper things to do and say, a person will be able to protect his or her rights prior to an official filing of a case by the federal agents or investigators. A defense lawyer will be able to help assess the nature of the investigation and at the same time instruct the person to be cautious about any question thrown at him or her by the federal agents as these could be potential traps.

What a Federal Defense Lawyer Can Do
Not all lawyers can effectively handle the defense of a case against a person accused of a federal crime. There are criminal defense lawyers especially trained and exposed to various federal crimes and litigation of the same. These federal defense lawyers are expertly familiar with the laws and penalties for such crimes as opposed to ordinary state crimes. Federal and State crimes are two different things in substance and structure. With federal crimes being meted out with severe and harsh punishments, sentences and penalties, extreme caution is required in handling the case. On the other hand, state crimes have lighter penalties, sentences and punishments. And where parole and reward for good behavior is given for state crime offenders, federal laws are not as considerate.

A good defense lawyer should be able to have a gut feel or make an educated assumption on the possible outcome of the case. The lawyer should have an immediate sense if a case can be won or left better for negotiations for a less harsh penalty or sentence. He should be familiar with actual court proceedings and how federal crimes are handled in the courtroom. With great mastery of crime laws, the lawyer should maintain a level of honesty and integrity to inform and advise the client of what benefits or detriments such tactics are devised to achieve.

A good federal crime defense attorney should constantly update the accused of his defense strategies or plans so that they will work a synchronized way. He should break down all scenarios and possibilities on how the proceedings will turn out as the case progresses, and not make any false promises or hopes to the accused.

The ultimate objective of a federal criminal defense attorney is to make sure that his client is accorded due process and that justice is served especially if the accused is not guilty of the charge. Keeping this as the first and foremost mission will make the accused have some sense of peace of mind knowing that there is someone he can depend on to advance his cause and prove his innocence to a jury. The worst thing that can happen to a wrongfully accused person is not having a reliable and compassionate defense attorney who will take his case to justice. With a good and reputable federal defense lawyer, the chances of successfully reversing the charges are high.

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