Understanding The Pros and Cons Of The Electric Bike

If you’re into cycling, you’ll have realized it’s impossible to miss the rise of the electric bike. Everywhere you turn, there’s one for sale or one being ridden by somebody lucky enough to own one.

It’s likely you’ll have considered buying one at some point – after all, they are the latest fashion accessory. But would one be right for you? Find out by reading the pros and cons of electric bikes below.

PRO: They’re Cheaper than Cars

When you consider how much a car costs to buy and run, an electric bike is a bargain. Even the best electric bike on the market wouldn’t cost nearly as much as the average car, and that’s not even taking into account gas money.

If you’re thinking that running a car is too expensive for you, opting for the electronic bike may be a great decision.

Understanding The Pros and Cons Of The Electric Bike

PRO: You Can Ride Further

The great thing about an electric bike is that exercise is optional. If you have a long journey to make or a lot of cycling to do, you may decide to use the bike as a vehicle, rather than a piece of exercise equipment. This means you get to preserve energy, and enjoy your ride a little more.

PRO: The Electronic Bike is Extremely Safe

Unless you ride in the road with no helmet on, the electric bike is extremely safe. That’s because they come fitted with safety features such as emergency power off and circuit breakers. Unlike with cars, there’s no risk of fire either, as no gasoline is present.

PRO: Suitable for all Ages

One of the great things about cycling is that it’s suitable for those of all ages. Children and the elderly alike enjoy climbing on top of their saddle and riding off on an adventure. With electric bikes, this is also true, but even more so than usual. Those with poor fitness or injuries can also join in the fun with an electric bike as less stress is put on the body compared to walking and regular cycling.

CON: The Price

While electric bikes aren’t ridiculously expensive, they do cost slightly more than a normal bike. Before purchasing one, you’ll need to ensure it will provide you with features you’ll use and enjoy.

CON: Limited Charge

If you go on long-distance bike rides, an electronic bicycle may not be suitable for you. That’s because usually you’ll only get 30-40 miles per charge. While this is something you can easily work around, it’s worth knowing this fact before you buy.


Ultimately, there are many more positives than negatives when it comes to electronic bikes. That being said, there are a small group of people who probably wouldn’t get much use out of one.

Everybody else, however, is a prime candidate for an upgrade. Whether you currently drive a car, walk, cycle or use public transport, the electronic bike can add something significant to your life.

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