Unusual Christmas Presents For Men

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for. Think of your Dad, your brother or your husband? What do you buy them? I know I tend to end up buying the same old boring things year after year. Why not surprise them this year with something a little bit different. It’s a known fact that men like something useful, that they can benefit from. Stick to that one rule and you can’t really go wrong.

Pamper Them

Sounds like an odd one for a man, but men do love to be pampered! They just won’t admit it. A spa day doesn’t have to mean facials and saunas. Most of us suffer from aches and pains; why not get them a full body massage. It’s something they will really enjoy and benefit from too.

Buy Them An Experience

Paying for a day out driving a fast car on a race track is probably something most men have always wanted to do, but would never buy for themselves. They will happily receive an exciting day experience as a gift though…plus it gets them out the house for a day! You can buy helicopter lessons, surfing lessons, clay shooting and even bungee jumping for the brave.

A Piece Of Luxury

After friends and Joey and Chandler watching endless TV in ‘lazy boy’ chairs all men have longed for a lazy boy chair of their own. You can now get some really tasteful recliner chairs. Indulge a man close to you with his own comfy chair, perfect for watching the football in. And who’s to say you can’t take advantage and use it when they are out too!


A really unique idea is to buy someone close to you a tasting experience. Think about what it is they like before you jump in and book something. Do they like wine? How about a wine tasting day, beer…a beer tasting experience! You get the idea. It works for food too, some popular ones are chocolate or cheese.

Support Their Hobbies

Think about what it is they spend their spare time doing. Is there anything they need that they wouldn’t usually splash out on their selves? If they need new running gear or football boots, show them you are taking an interest in the hobbies they take place in by buying them something they have needed or wanted for a long time.

Eilidh MacRae is writing on behalf of Theraposture and would reccomend them for suppliers of recliner chairs.

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