Upgrading Your Backyard Made Easy

Of all the places around the home where people perform do-it-yourself improvements, the backyard is easily one of the most overlooked. Even though this area gets a lot of use from the family, like barbecues, birthday parties, and get-togethers, people often have no idea how to improve this frequently used part of their property.

With a few ideas you can:

  • Add value to your property
  • Gain a fun new hobby
  • Spend quality time with your family

There are many different ways to improve the backyard and take it from an afterthought in your home improvement plans, to a finished showpiece you can’t wait to share with their friends and family.

Plant a Garden
One of the easiest home improvements is planting your own backyard garden. A flowerbed, or even a series of beds, can make a dramatic difference in the look and feel of the backyard. With the many different flowers readily available for the backyard gardener, you can give a new look and feel to your backyard area. Brightly colored flowers and shrubs will give your garden a happy and friendly look, and with a little imagination, can transform a dull, empty area into an eye catching display of nature.

Trees and bushes are also great additions to the backyard garden, if you have enough room. Trees provide shade and beauty to your yard, and bushes of various shapes and sizes can add interest and even help provide security if placed in front of windows. Additionally, many bushes and shrubs produce flowers, providing an aromatic and attractive compliment to any flower garden.

Add a Pond
Ponds can also be a great addition to a backyard. A small pond will provide a nice place for aquatic plants, fish, and animals to live, and the addition of a pond fountain will make this a centerpiece to a skillfully crafted garden area. When adding a pond, be sure it is deep enough for plants and fish to survive the winter months if you live in an area with cold winter weather.

Another benefit of adding a pond is the relaxation and tranquility that watching the fish and plants and listening to the rippling water provides. A well designed and installed fountain will enhance the relaxation factor, making your pond a favorite for your household.

Introducing Wildlife
A great thing about having a backyard garden is that it encourages wildlife to visit your backyard. Birds and animals love trees and plants, and with the right combination of plants and trees, you can have squirrels, birds, and possibly even deer visit your yard on a regular basis, a great thing for the animal lovers in your family. These animals can also help your plants remain healthy by interacting with your various plants and shrubs the way they do in nature.

Build a Garden Railroad
Garden railroads can be a fun and whimsical addition to any backyard garden. Engines and rolling stock are widely available from a variety of sources, and can be bought completely assembled or in kit form for those of you who enjoy building things with your own hands. Miniature buildings like houses and businesses are also available, or you can construct your own out of whatever you like, to give your railroad a look and feel unique to your backyard.

Incorporating a railroad into your backyard garden design may take a little extra planning, but with the right plans and a little elbow grease, a railroad can give your property a little pizazz for very little investment.

Deciding to improve your backyard can be a fun project that you and your family can work on together, giving you quality family time in a healthy, outdoor environment. Once your improvements are complete, you’ll have an area your family will love spending time for years to come.

Polly Godwin is the owner of KineticFountains.com, a company specializing in outdoor water fountains, outdoor water fountains and more.

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