Use The Lockers Provided

For some people, going to the swimming baths is a daunting thought. This can be because they aren’t very confident at swimming, or even being in the water at a particular depth can seem frightening. Many women usually don’t like the thought of going swimming as they feel uncomfortable in their swim wear. For some strange reason, many people who don’t like to go swimming in the UK feel more comfortable walking around in swim wear on the beach in foreign countries. This may just be for the simple reason that they will only be there for a short while and not know anyone who they may feel insecure around.

If people choose to go to the swimming baths it is important to remember everything, for example their towels. Some people go with there swimwear underneath to save time when getting ready to go in to the pool, however many people have been known to do this, but not pack their underwear in the bag when they get out of the pool to change into. So although it may have saved some time initially, it can cause quite an embarrassment when they realise what has just happened.

It is true that people decide which swimming baths they are going to go to for many reasons. Some of these factors include how easily they can get to the swimming baths and the facilities they provide. For example, slides, Jacuzzis, gyms and saunas are very popular. Another reason may just simply be how friendly the staff are, or how safe they feel their belongings are.

Many people use the lockers provided in the baths, while others decide that they will leave their belongings in the cubicles, so that they don’t have to wait for one when they get out of the pool. This can be a good idea but at the same time there is no certainty these belongings will be there when they return. They could also be put on the floor, which is almost always going to be wet due to people getting out of the swimming pool. As people feel very cold and want to get changed quickly to get warm, some people decide to go to certain baths to make sure that they aren’t as cold. So they go to one where there is better heating or additional cubicles on offer.

Overall, it is a better idea to make use of the swimming bath lockers provided to ensure that belongings are kept dry and safe.

This blog was written by Samantha Berry, a leisure centre manager who recommends using swimming pool lockers.

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