Using A Professional Packing Service

As someone who has moved home both internationally and locally over 6 times in the past 6 years, I think I’m somewhat of an authority when it comes to information on packing up your belongings. Yes, I have done it on my own (with the help of family and friends), and I always used to think this was the best way to go about it.

Taking care of your belongings
Why? I hear you ask. I thought packing my own items gave me more control over where things were and how well they were packed. However, when I think back to the amount of boxes I had when I first moved, and look at what I have now, it’s apparent that items have gone missing, or have been broken over the years.

It doesn’t matter how carefully you pack things, they will, at some point be in the hands of a professional moving team. If you don’t use a professional packing service, ensuring your items are safe inside the boxes during transit is pretty much down to you.

These days, it I’m moving (and I hope this doesn’t happen again for a while). I always enquire about a professional packing service when negotiating with a removal company. The reason for this is that any company that offers this type of service will insure your items from the minute they’re being packed to the minute they arrive at your new home.

Making use of professionals
They only employ professionals who know about “all things packing”, and they use materials that will protect your items when they’re on the move. For example, I had many framed pictures when I first moved, and the amount of times I’ve had to replace the glass when I reach my new destination doesn’t bare thinking about.

If you use a team of professionals to do this for you, they will use specialist boxes to pack fragile or unusual items that require something other than a bit of bubble wrap and packing tape. Companies that offer a packing service will also help keep you organised. Their teams will label boxes correctly, and make an inventory as they go.

Just think of the amount of time and energy this will save you, especially when you have a large amount to pack. It may sound a bit mad, but the biggest pain for me is packing clothes. I started out by piling them up in cardboard boxes. This brought with it an issue I could do without. There is nothing worse than arriving to a new home and being faced with an entire wardrobes worth of ironing!

Companies that offer a professional packing service use special boxes to pack clothes so they hang just like they do in the wardrobe, (yet another time saver). Of course, using a service like this will cost that bit extra, but if I’m honest and add up how much money I’ve wasted because I’ve had to replace lost or broken items, using a service like this would probably have saved me money in the long-run.

My advice to anyone who’s moving, whether it’s down the road or to another country, is to use a professional packing service.

Keith Barrett believes in using reputable European removals companies. He appreciates that they often represent value for money.

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