Using Photo Books To Capture Your Family History

Create Photo Books to Capture Your Family History
For many, researching family history is a fun way to learn about your ancestors. Finding out where your family came from and learning about past family accomplishments is something to be proud of, and to be shared with others. A great way to preserve your family history for generations to come is to create a family history photo book. Unlike traditional family history books, photo books are easy to preserve, and the features that can be added to photo books make it entertaining, as well. Since photo books are bound, there is no need to worry about documents falling out either.

Family History Photo Book Themes
While you don’t have to have a specific family history theme, you are free to choose any family history theme you want. This may be particularly valuable if your family history is exceptionally long. Popular family history themes include military members and weddings. For a military family history photo book, you could include members of your family that have served in the military through many generations. For a family history wedding photo book, you could create a book featuring all the weddings through the generations. You could also use online photo book templates to create actual trees, or add ethnic graphics that truly make your family history photo book unique.

How to Create a Family History Photo Book
Once you have chosen the theme or direction of your family history photo book, you are ready to get started. First you want to pull together all the pictures you would like to use in your book. Don’t be afraid to ask extended family members, even great-aunts and distant cousins, for pictures to use in your book. When you have all the pictures, you need for your photo book, scan them. For best results, use at least 1200 dpi resolution while scanning. If digitally scanning pictures for use in your photo book seems like an impossibility for you, you can seek professional photography help and have them save the photos onto a memory stick for you.

When the pictures are scanned you can begin preparing picture captions and deciding what order you would like them to appear in the photo book. It may be helpful to interview family members about the subjects of the photo. This way you can make sure that all information you include is accurate. In addition to pictures, you can also scan birth certificates, immigration papers and military records for use in the photo book.

Giving a Family History Photo Book As a Gift
In addition to being a fantastic family heirloom, a family history photo book is also a terrific gift idea. For years you have watched grandma pull out shoe boxes of distant relative and struggle to find the right pictures, so she can explain family connections and family accomplishments. Wouldn’t it be marvelous if you could give grandma, or anyone else in your family, a professionally bound photo book with those pictures included and documented for future generations to enjoy? You can, and better yet, you can do this affordably from the comfort of your own home.

Article by David Dobson – Digital Print Australia

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