Video Casting The Boss: Should Your CEO Drive Your SEO?

Virtually every social media platform is enamored with video. There are many reasons for this. In general, people are more easily engaged by visual presentations than by the written word alone. This could be true since it can take less effort to view a video than it does to read a page. Also, learning about anything is usually easier through a video than any other form of marketing. Video marketing is, after all, all about learning in the sense that messages are being conveyed either to inform, inspire, or teach, or some measure of all three of these components.

Casting Calls
When companies are considering ads or developing ideas for videos, the last thing they may think of is casting someone from the management team. The fact is that bosses and founders make excellent choices for these golden opportunities to let the public and other staff hear what the company has to say.

The Power of Video
We live in an age of social media marketing and networking. Videos have created a new way for people and businesses to reach out and touch consumers in ways never before possible. While TV ads have been possible for many decades, they are expensive to produce and to broadcast. Videos, on the other hand, can be used in a wide variety of ways and for many purposes – with even more distribution channels available.

The Bossman Cometh

Marketing that uses upper executive management on videos and website blogs creates a more humanistic approach to advertising than use of hired actors could ever accomplish. Anything that looks too slickly produced could tend to turn off an audience rather than inspire them to find out more. Well-produced videos, created by boutique marketing companies like Washington’s 522 Productions or California’s Network studios, can do everything from instruct, to sell, to motivate. And one of the best persons to be featured in that exposure is the leader of the company.

For one thing, the head honcho of a company will have a more holistic perspective about the company than other staff and certainly more than an outside marketing team. It is essential for the top management of any firm to be intimately involved in its marketing plan.  When you think about it, there isn’t a much more meaningful statement than the head of the firm putting a real face on the business. It actually takes a bit of bravery to do that. Many executives prefer to stay out of the limelight while conducting their business, rather than get into the nitty gritty of advertising. Therefore, the fact that he or she is willing to do so will say a lot about the company.

The Branding Message

The executive team of any company includes the people who should know the business vision inside and out. That’s why they are great choices to convey the business message. In addition, they may have much better insight as to what should be said and how to say it. What’s more, when people get to recognize the face behind the name, they are more likely to recognize executives at live and other important key events.

SEO is fundamentally geared toward helping businesses create relationships with people, which really only occurs when people are allowed to connect with the business. Videos with CEOs and the like allow consumers to connect with companies over a much shorter exposure duration. When people can get to know the company in this way, they are far more likely to trust it. There really isn’t a better way to accomplish this than through casting the boss or the CEO in the ads. Success starts at the top – so the most effective strategy is to use that power through video to increase exposure, stay ahead of the competition and grow on faster levels.

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Ann Bailey has written for TV and social media and delivers this idea for small businesses using video marketing.  Professional marketing teams at 522 Productions create compelling visual messages for their clients for all social media advertising uses, whether the boss is the star onscreen or off.

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