Visiting Legendary Zakopane & Krakow, Poland

As the holiday season is coming to a close, many of us are enthusiastically planning our next big getaway. For many Americans, Europe is the ideal destination to begin with because regardless of where you start, there are various surrounding countries that can be easily accessed by train within a couple hours. With legendary history, rich culture, savory cuisine and scenic views, Poland is certainly a country to be considered for your next trip. As you read this article, you’ll learn more about Poland and why it’s the perfect location to visit with your loved ones.

Poland is home to the glorious Tatra Mountains, which serve as the highest point of the Carpathian Mountains and form a natural barrier between Poland and Slovakia. This mountain range is lovingly known for the accompanying mist seen on the horizon in the early hours of the day, providing a scenic vision in the warmer seasons. In colder weather, the mountains can be buried with over 140 inches of snow, truly giving you a magical view. Regardless of which season you visit these gorgeous mountains, you can be certain you’ll experience breath-taking views that will surely resonate with you for a lifetime.

After an active day of hiking mountains and appreciating the views, you and your family are more than likely searching for a spot to satisfy your ravenous appetites. Zakopane, a popular town near the Tatra mountains, offers hearty cuisine unlike anywhere else in the world. Krupowki Street is undoubtedly Zakopane’s most highly visited area and has an incessant selection of traditional Polish eateries to choose from. Nearly all the restaurants located on this street follow a traditional rustic design, with high ceilings, hardwood floors, expansive fireplaces and several wooden carvings.

The menu offered at every Zakopane dining establishment is diverse and features delicious items including: rich soup with kielbasa and egg (zurek), duck roasted in cranberries and wine sauce, pierogi stuffed with cabbage, cheese, fruit or meat, pickled vegetables like carrots and beets known as surowki, potatoes and more. Mulled wine and warm beer with honey are perfect beverages to pair with your warm meal. Blackcurrant juice is wildly popular in Poland and also a great addition to meals. Stopping by a nearby cafe to enjoy a decadent waffle topped with whipped cream or fruit-flavored syrup, known as gofry, is a must. Between the impressive architectural layout and the delectable meals, Zakopane undoubtedly offers an unbeatable experience.

A slightly more popular city that must be visited in Poland is Krakow. Krakow is rich in history, architecture, authentic Polish meals and more. The Wawel Castle is definitely one of the most beautiful and historic landmarks in Krakow, dating back to the 1300’s. The design of the castle is Gothic and an object of tremendous praise and admiration around the world. This royal castle features various works of art, significant Polish armor and weapons from numerous European countries and more.

Krakow has an abundance of aesthetically pleasing buildings on every corner, so planning an exact route to see the beauties of Krakow isn’t necessarily essential. There are many historical sculptures all over Krakow including that of Adam Mickiewicz, a beloved Polish poet and translator that made immense contributions to Polish history. A mere glance in any direction in Krakow will surely leave you culturally-enlightened and more knowledgeable on Poland’s rich, cherished history.

There’s no denying the incredible opportunity to expand your cultural knowledge and appreciation by taking a trip to Poland. Between the exciting hikes in the mountains, sightseeing in the city and the impeccable meals, Poland certainly offers endless possibilities that will surely satisfy even the most insatiable wanderlust.

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