Visiting The Land Down Under: Sydney, Australia

When you first get off the plane in Sydney, Australia you will, as a tourist, be treated very well. The Aussies do their best to make sure that tourists have a good time and enjoy themselves. When you go visit Australia, it is more of an experience than it is a vacation. And since Sydney is just one part of a large country, it’s still best to rent a car so you can have control over where you go, at what time and for how long. Although there are plenty of choices as to destinations, you may want to take advantage of the advice of those who have gone before you and can give you some helpful tips on how to experience Australia.

Without a doubt, those asked who have been to the beaches in Sydney most of them prefer the Manly Beach to the Bondi Beach. The Manly Beach is nicer and is kept cleaner than Bondi, which can end up looking very tattered and polluted at times. Manly Beach has the added benefit of having several serene coves that offer a calm, quiet swimming experience. On the other side of Manly Cove is the rough surf that surfers, wind sailors, and snorkelers prefer. There are also areas for picnics, fishing, sailing and building sand castles.

Taronga Zoo
Throughout Australia, there are animal parks and zoos that feature many of the animals that are indigenous to their continent. In Sydney, the best zoo is the Taronga Zoo, it opened in 1884 as the first public zoo in New South Wales. Taronga Zoo features animals from Asia, from rainforests, deserts and other areas of the world. It is here that many educational presentations are made for area school kids and the random tourist.

Sydney Aquarium
Sydney’s Aquarium features a walk through transparent tunnel where visitors can experience sharks, giant rays, octopus and a ten foot saltwater crocodile up close and personal. The aquarium is also home to some of the less scary animals like penguins, seals, and platypus. The giant Great Barrier Reef exhibit is as close as many people will ever get but it features interactive touch pools to help teach visitors the significance of the Great Barrier Reef to the ecology of Australia.

Queen Victoria Building
It was built in 1898 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee. It looks like a palace with it’s copper dome, glass roof and the iron staircases, but it is actually a mall.  There are close to 200 stores with goods ranging from jewelry to clothes and more. If you’ve come to Sydney to shop, this is the place to park the rental car and stay.

Sydney Tower
If shopping in an atmosphere of royalty isn’t your cup of tea, try dining in the sky. The Sydney Tower is the restaurant that overlooks the entirety of the city of Sydney.   The AMP Tower is a slowly spinning restaurant. If you prefer not to dine in a spinning room over 300 feet in the air, you can just go to the observation deck.

This was a guest post left by Aronno, a writer and travel lover. Sydney Airport, also known as the Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, is the main gateway for the world to tour and visit Australia. Australia is a continent with several varied climates all in one place. From deserts to beaches and mountains, Australia has it all. When you visit sydney don’t forget to watch for cheaper and better deals.

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