Vital Social Media Sites For Event Planners

Social media has changed the landscape of a number of professions, including that of the event planner. The prime reasons social media is an invaluable tool for today’s event organizer has to do with the networks of billions of users these sites provide. And since events and parties are inherently social gatherings, they are well matched with social media. Of course, everyone knows the power the top two social networking sites – Facebook and Twitter – wield. In fact, in 2011 Twitter was primarily responsible for getting the word out and creating the largest breast cancer awareness event in the UK.

But as the world of social media changes, new sites pop up that invariably become key players in event planning. Here are just a few sites that businesses as well as individuals should utilize when considering their event-planning strategies.

This is a fairly obvious choice, but one worth mentioning nonetheless. That’s because LinkedIn’s network of over 100 million users inhabit the corporate world, which is ideal for those planning corporate events. Not only that, but LinkedIn covers the full spectrum of market sectors, making it easy to generate interest in an event regardless of the industry.

Focusing on the visual is becoming ever more popular in the world of social media. This has to do in part with the smartphone craze, as it’s far easier to get an on-the-go mobile user’s attention with images than whole blocks of text. Pinterest is ideal for this purpose – as well as event planning – because it allows the user to share info via image boards that can tell stories or help with promotion. And while Pinterest isn’t the only board-based social media site around, its network of over 12 million users ensures it is the most effective for planning an event or gathering.

Some basic strategies event planners should implement when using Pinterest are as follows:

  • Creating a board listing the event sponsor’s products.
  • Linking a Pinterest promotion to both a Facebook and Twitter account.
  • Showcasing past events on pinterest in order to generate excitement about the upcoming event
  • Providing map and “things to see and do” info regarding the area around the event.

YouTube is the most popular clip site on the Internet, and as such it should be one of the primary weapons in the event-planners arsenal. Getting started with YouTube is a breeze as all the user needs to do is create an account. From there any number of strategies are possible for event promotion. These include:

  • Creating and posting videos that announce a specific event.
  • Creating and posting videos that showcase sponsors and their products.
  • Creating and posting interviews with guest speakers in order to generate excitement about the upcoming event.

People love FourSquare for its location-based check-in system. But this social network can also be useful to the typical event planner. For example, FourSquare allows the user to create a “venue,” which could be a wedding, conference or party. The user can then publicize their event and guest can check in through FourSquare when they arrive. The site also allows for event registration as well as follow-up emails.  Some other tips useful to event planners using FourSquare include:

  • Event-connecting to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Adding event tips to the event, such as info on giveaways and contests.
  • Getting invitees to tag the event on Twitter.

These are just a few sites that the modern event planner needs to utilize if he or she hopes to stay ahead of the curve. And while the world of social networking is ever evolving, the entries listed above provide all the tools necessary to plan, promote and execute a top-notch event.

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