VPS Hosting Combine Important Features Of Dedicated Hosting At Cost Of Shared Hosting

Virtual private server or VPS hosting is making a lot of waves in recent times and not without some good reasons. A newer form of web hosting it seeks to combine the affordability of shared hosting with the security and reliability of dedicated server hosting. Basically VPS is all about running multiple virtual servers within one physical server. It as such tries to mimic dedicated hosting within the realms of shared hosting environment.

It is often seen that a large number of organizations or bloggers start with shared hosting. It makes sense as shared hosting can take good care of websites that do not generate much traffic in their initial period. Also, security is not much of a concern with smaller websites that function according to expectations in face of less network load.

VPS Hosting Combine Important Features Of Dedicated Hosting At Cost Of Shared Hosting

Things, however, begin to change once the business expands its operations and its website starts to generate significant amount of traffic. The limitation of shared hosting, in which a single server hosts multiple websites, starts becoming more apparent. Websites when exposed to dense online traffic suffers from slow loading time or if worse comes to worse may stop functioning at all.

VPS hosting occupying a place somewhere between shared hosting (many websites on one server) and dedicated hosting (only a single website ) is perfectly suited to serve the web hosting needs of organizations that have outgrown shared hosting environment but lack the capability and resources to go for full fledged dedicated hosting.

Often the preferred hosting choice for small to medium sized organizations, virtual private server hosting serves the need of organizations well who find shared hosting unsuitable to their hosting needs, but wish to have some experience before moving on to more expensive dedicated server hosting.

You are also likely to face fewer security issues with virtual private server hosting in comparison to shared hosting. Your service provider is going to provide you with your own unique IP address. This is a significant improvement over shared hosting where all the websites have the same IP addresses. Any malicious or suspicious activity carried out by any one website leads to the penalization for all websites by search engines.

Reasons to opt for VPS Hosting

A virtual private server is an excellent bridge between shared and dedicated hosting. A large number of organizations prefer it as it allows them to have more control and enjoy better security features without the exorbitant cost associated with dedicated hosting. VPS also serves as a good starter package for organizations to get better acclimatised with the hosting world before jumping directly from shared hosting to dedicated hosting.

Special features of VPS Hosting

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is a highly versatile hosting option that offers the power and control of dedicated hosting with the affordability of shared hosting. A physical server is partitioned to control your own virtual space. Account holders are given their own set of dedicated resources like RAM, CPU, bandwidth, storage, etc and they remain completely isolated from what other users are doing on the same server. One important think to take care of while opting for this hosting is to look into the type of control panel being offered by the service provider. There are basically two types of control panel – cPanel and Plesk. cPanel is more common whereas Plesk is used more with Windows based server.

Some of the major benefits of VPS hosting

A virtual private server is significantly cheaper than dedicated hosting despite offering some of the important features associated with dedicated hosting. Website owners enjoy better control and security without any interference from what other users are doing on the same server. Dedicated set of resources ensure that you have enough resources at your command to help your website perform at its optimum level despite sudden spikes in network traffic.

Another important feature of this type of hosting is that quality service providers often come up with attractive VPS plans that can be customised to meet your own unique sets of need and requirements. Established service providers offer both Linux based and Windows based VPS hosting, and you can choose one that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Also, VPS plans offered by a reputable service provider are easily scalable. You can start with your own virtual server with minimum amount of resources and demand additional resources if you feel the current resources allotted to you are insufficient to adequately take care of your website traffic.

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