Waking Up From The Biased Dreams Of Our Business

Business dreams – we have all had them at one point or another, regardless of our gender or even age.  We may have pictured ourselves signing a multi-million dollar client, becoming wealthy overnight from the success of a product that we invented or even building a multi-billion dollar empire from the ground up. Within those dreams, have you ever taken a moment to realize that there are never any downfalls or moments of failure? You are never forced to close your doors permanently, file for bankruptcy, beg your customers not to leave you to do business with your competitors, etc.  Why do you think that is the case?

Ambitious Dreams – the Blinders of Business

The simple and short answer to that question is because they are our dreams. While those dreams may be the source of inspiration that gives us the encouragement that we need to embark on our journey of professional ambition, they are clearly not enough to keep us going and provide us with the driving force that we need to truly be successful.

On the other hand, those dreams can cause us to blindly walk ourselves into a trap primarily because they can easily prevent us from being honest with ourselves about the rate of success (or failure) that is currently being experienced.  What steps can you take in order to make sure that you are able to maintain a sense of unbiased honesty in reference to your business?

Shift Your Vantage Point for an Unobstructed View

When you are asked to view something from a far distance that you just cannot seem to see it clearly because something is obstructing your view, what do you always try to do at that point? You may start moving around to get a better look, shifting your vantage point so that you can overcome that obstruction and clearly seeing the focal point without any obstruction.

The same principle can be applied when it comes to our business.  In order to truly be honest about your business and remove the blinders of biased thinking from your eyes, you need to frequently be able to shift your vantage point and look at it from a different angle. How do your customers and clients view your business? What is it that forces many of them to come back to you but also many of them to flee to your competitors? How do your competitors view your business? What bait are they using to lure and catch so many of the fish that should be in your pond?

Clear Line of Sight, Clear Plan of Action

Do you see just how much clearer your professional line of sight can become just by taking a moment to shift your vantage point?  Once you have come to grips with the fact that changes need to be made, the next step for you take would be to invest in those changes and implement them without delay. This weighty responsibility and monumental task is not something that you have to bear on your own. There are professional business turnaround groups that can help you to take the necessary steps in order to break through the barriers of bias and achieve success in the real world – not just when you are dreaming.

Glenn has been working as a content writer for several years and has written quality content for many different clients, including the Business Turnaround Group. Some of the subjects that he is most passionate about include business, technology and economics.

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