Watch Bears Fish – Holidays in Alaska and Northern Canada

A holiday where you do nothing but relax by the pool can be great, but an active trip to an exciting destination can be just as relaxing and fulfilling! Northern Canada and Alaska are two such destinations; here, incredibly unspoilt landscapes and astonishing wildlife create a unique atmosphere of both adventure and relaxation. There is nothing quite as relaxing as a morning walk in the Yukon Delta (or, for those who prefer to be slightly closer to civilization, the Vancouver Harbor)!

Alaska is full of breathtaking views all year round – from gorgeous autumnal scenes like the one above to icebergs and small traditional towns dominated by wooden blockhouses. When travelling to Alaska in the winter, one might even chance to witness the spectacle of the Aurora Borealis, a natural light display visible only in regions of high latitude.

More than spectacular are also the likely sightings of local wildlife: nobody vacationing on Gran Canaria can claim to have seen bears fishing in river deltas, or to have observed whales on the Alaskan coast. Moose and bald eagles are almost unique to Alaska and Northern Canada, and can be observed amidst their natural surroundings.

Avid outdoor sportsmen and sportswomen will also enjoy the endless opportunities for water sports like kayaking and waterskiing, the extensive trails for hiking and mountain biking, and numerous zip-lining and climbing opportunities. In winter, visitors can enjoy ice climbing, snowboarding, skiing, and dog-sledding.

Planning a trip to Northern Canada and Alaska may seem like quite a challenge – flights, certainly, are not always as cheap as flights to such popular destinations as Spain and Italy. It is worth considering what kind of trip one would like, and selecting the time of visit and the hotel accordingly.

Hotels in Vancouver offer luxury packages which include day trips to surrounding villages. The beautiful scenery can thus be enjoyed from the balcony, while indulging in a bottle of local polar beer or a tasty cocktail. Many hotels also offer wildlife-watching trips, kayaking, waterskiing, and other activities, which can be booked as part of the stay.

For those wishing to combine luxury and adventure, Alaskan cruise packages could present an ideal option. Anchoring in various ports along the Alaskan coast, cruise ships offer visitors the freedom of exploring various cities as part of one tour, while providing space for relaxation and luxury on board.

For those craving a true adventure, renting a car or even hitchhiking are real options. Most local pubs offer very reasonably priced accommodation and food (especially delicious are the locally-sourced meat and fish options!), and will welcome visitors without prior booking. Travelling along the Alaskan highway allows visitors to enjoy breathtaking scenery along the way to remote, traditional villages and sights. Locals are generally extremely welcoming, and this adventurous mode of travelling will truly make for an unforgettable journey!

Whichever mode of travel is selected as the most suitable, Northern Canada and Alaska are places well worth a visit – the clear, crisp air, hearty food, exceptional wildlife and scenery make it the perfect place for both relaxation and adventure.

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