Ways To Earn Extra Cash That Doesn’t Clash

Sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter just how hard an individual works, they never seem to have enough money. Increases in fuel and energy costs have a nasty habit of quickly eroding any additional overtime or bonus payments that might be earned. Of course, unless something happens to change this cycle it can be often be the source of real frustration. On some occasions the individual might not be able to earn more money from their normal day job to avoid the slippery slope that debt can sometimes bring.

Typically earning money will mean taking on a second job. However, this can sometimes be a real challenge on the stamina level of a person if they already work full time. Over a period of time the individual is likely to become tired, sometimes even exhausted.

This blog post will take a look at some of the alternative ways in which a person can raise extra cash, many of which won’t take up significant amounts of time.

One of the fastest growing ways to get hold of some additional income is to carry out some freelance work. The benefit to this type of work is that it is very flexible. The individual can literally choose the number of hours that they want to work.

The Internet is largely to thank for the availability of this additional work. Many businesses want to stay clear of hiring permanent members of staff, so they look to the help of freelancers when required. It is important to make sure that you are happy with just what you are earning, as sometimes the pay might not be quite as good as you would like.

Some of the jobs that are available on a freelance basis include:

  • Computer programmer
  • Writer
  • Office assistant
  • Human resources
  • Translator

The above list is certainly not extensive by any means. However, practically any role that can be carried out with the use of an Internet connection will qualify for freelance work.

Clinical Trials
Something that might appear to be a little obscure is the taking part in clinical trials. At different times of the year these are often heard being advertised on the radio. Normally they will require the individual to be fit and healthy. Very often the candidate will need to also be a non-smoker.

The beauty of these trials is that they don’t tend to last for too long, plus they often pay very well. It is not uncommon for a person to be able to pick up somewhere close to five or six hundred pounds for a few days’ worth of clinical trial.

Mystery Shopping
If the thoughts of taking part in clinical trials fill you with horror then you could always consider becoming a mystery shopper. Generally this type of work is carried out on a part time basis. This will help to make it easy to fit in alongside existing work commitments.

The role of a mystery shopper can be quite varied. One such element that often crops up in mystery shopping is that of food; specifically dining out. This means that the “shopper” will get to eat at different restaurants and provide feedback on their experiences. In this job, not only will the mystery shopper be paid for their work but they will also be able to reclaim the cost of the meals.

Other times the mystery shopping experience could include shopping in department stores or something as simple as buying fuel.

More and more businesses seek the services of these mystery shoppers as a way of better understanding the levels of customer service that they provide.

Rent Out a Spare Room
One way of bringing in some much needed extra cash is to rent out a room in your property. The advantage of this is that you won’t have to actually do anything to earn the money. It won’t impact with your normal job role at all.

Of course it is sensible to think about this properly as it will have a significant impact on your home life. It will be important to give ample consideration as to exactly the type of person that you would like to invite into your home. Things like what to charge and the additional persons responsibilities will be something that need to be addressed.

By choosing one or more of the suggestions mentioned above, it will be possible to raise some additional cash. This can be really useful if you are someone who is battling against debt management issues.

Jasmin Blunt is an amateur novelist and copywriter. She has developed a keen interest in managing money; for expert advice on debt management follow her on Google Plus.

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