Ways To Ensure Your CRM Is Strategically Sound

The company may be finding it challenging to adapt to a new way of working with customers at the heart of everything.  Even with enough investment in marketing, new technology and data collection methods, the rate at which changes are occurring may be causing frustration and making business leaders question if the change to new CRM procedures was worth it.

One of the first ways to reassess the success or otherwise of CRM within the business is to conduct a review of progress made and to develop a roadmap of ways forward. Indeed frequent reviews will be needed while the CRM system is in its early stages and employees may need to adapt to several amendments to processes before a fully aligned way of working is achieved.

The review may be designed to achieve these outcomes:

  • To create a firm definition of the ideal customer experience compared to how it is now
  • To achieve a clear statement of the data capabilities of the existing CRM system with regard to achieving that ideal customer experience
  • To set future objectives based on findings and a review date of the new objectives

The review may involve conducting interviews with a number of key employees, management, external business partners, contract company staff, and customers themselves. Investigations should reveal where the barriers are within the lifecycle of the customer experience, from first contact, to purchase, and then to after care and repeat business.

If the business has been operating with a product focus rather than a customer focus for many years, it can take several reviews before the ideal customer experience is achieved.  It pays to be determined and resilient to work through the often challenging issues confronted.

For instance integrating data across the whole company rather than pockets of data being held by certain departments may take a huge shift in working procedures. More traditionally minded and data-protective employees will find the sharing of information much harder to accept, than more recent employees, who have never known anything different and accept the new CRM strategies as the norm.

Creating data visibility across all departments is essential to the success of CRM.  When employees have access to information about transaction history, communications with customers, buying habits and personal situations they can provide a personalized service no matter which department they operate in.

The confusing practice of sending multiple messages to customers, often with conflicting information, is avoided since the customer profile is transparent. Offers and deals which are specific to certain demographics can be targeted effectively and customers no longer have to wonder why they keep receiving irrelevant information that goes straight in the bin.

From the company’s point of view, with a refined CRM system they save a lot of money on pointless direct mail and other marketing campaigns which are not targeted correctly, and serve to alienate rather than develop customer loyalty.

The proper CRM system can result a great enhancement in the processes in your business as it can improve the work coordination and customer interaction. Additional information about CRM systems you can find here.

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