We All Want To Be Different?

Have you noticed how now life meets so much more than our basic needs we find ourselves aspiring to higher levels of social accolade, constantly reaching for that peer group glass ceiling?

Being normal is generally not something to be proud of as we strive to stand out within the affluent pack.

Television programs like Grand Designs have only served to feed these aspirations. Fuelling our desire for the WOW factor. Where we live is after all fundamental to who we are? So how can you make your property stand out from the crowd?

Timber cladding is one option. Striking, warm, tactile finishes connecting us to the earth that we have become so removed from. Wood cladding offers architects and builders a unique material for building construction,
Providing endless opportunities for creative innovation within the building design.

Is it sustainable?

Timber cladding is surprisingly sustainable. Timber is renewable and unlike most other building materials it requires less energy in production. Sustainable timber farming has resulted in increased forestation. This in turn has led to increased absorption of carbon monoxide gas. A carbon footprint to be proud of.

So whether it is softwood, hardwood or modified materials there are many sound ecological reasons to be different from the man next door. Timber choices are wide and varied, offering a huge range of natural warm colours and finishes.

Simply stunning visual effects are achievable. Excellent construction examples can be found at http://construction.com/community/pl/GalleryPage.aspx

The Wood Awards, originially founded in 1971 as the Carpenters’ Awards, provides an excellent information point for all parties. These premier awards cover both buildings and furniture, their objective is to identify and promote outstanding design and highly skilled craft utilising the most sustainable of materials – wood.

The Wood Awards Gold winner for 2012 is the impressive Hurlingham Club Outdoor Pool http://www.woodawards.com/the-hurlingham-club-outdoor-pool/
This winning project showcases the replacement of a 30 metre pool, children’s pool, beach area and recreational areas. The construction project replaced an 80 year old facility, that although much loved by its’ members, had definitely reached the end of its’ useful life. Original buildings were timber framed and of single storey construction.

So consider the most earth inspiring of options; be unfettered and imaginative in your design ideas. Consider the variety of colours and textures available on the market today. Comfort yourself in choosing such a sustainable option. Above all- be set to impress, be different!

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Karen James, Director of two businesses and prolific writer for Business, Marketing and Construction sectors. This article looks at the sustainable and asthetic benefits of timber cladding

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