Website Resources For Vegetarian Sushi Recipes

Sushi is a scrumptious delight that features sticky rice, Nori wrap and meat. Unfortunately, most recipes are big no-no’s for vegans. If you’re a committed vegetarian, it doesn’t mean you should shun the opportunity of eating this Japanese delicacy. If you want, you can make your own vegetarian sushi right at the comfort of your own home. If you can’t find the recipes and resources for this kind of recipe, here are several websites that feature vegetarian sushi dishes. Check themout: is a great website for individuals in search for vegetarian sushi recipes. It features a number of vegan recipes, such as Lettuce Roll, Avocado Exterior Roll, to name a few. It also displays the basics of rice and rolling, important aspects in making the perfect sushi roll. For your non-vegan friends, you can recommend the sashimi recipes in the website. Perhaps the best thing about is that it features how-to videos, which are perfect for those who can’t follow written directions.

The website is the online counterpart of the namesake cooking channel. Vegetarian sushi recipes are just some of the many dishes that are offered in the website. What’s great about recipes is that some are concocted by its renowned chefs such as Rachael Ray and Alton Brown. At, you can rely on the other readers’ ratings so you’ll know if it’s the best recipe for your palate.

Despite her jail time, Martha Stewart remains to be one of the best TV homemakers in the planet. Apart from her arts and crafts, she is known to make delicious foods such as vegetarian sushi. You can save and print the recipe for your personal use, or you can e-mail it to your vegan friends. Heck, you can tweet it or pin it – now that’s sharing the good news about healthy food.

This website is known for its wide variety of recipes. Vegetarian sushi is one of the many favorite dishes from What’s best about this website is that it has tick-boxes which you can check if you have all the needed ingredients at home. Each recipe shows the needed prep time and cook time so you know how much time you need to allot in order to make a vegetarian sushi.

Channel 4 is a famous TV show in the United Kingdom known for its recipes. Its 4Food vegetarian sushi recipes are some of the must-try dishes in the website. If you’ve found a great recipe, you can share it easily through Facebook or Twitter. Comments are enabled on the website so you can read about what others have to say about the recipe. You can also print a kitchen-friendly recipe if you like so you can read the directions while you’re whipping one.

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