What are Bag Sealers?

Bag sealers, often referred to as heat sealers, are machines used to seal products, packaging and other thermoplastic materials. They use heat to melt the materials together and to form a bond. Heat sealing works by applying direct heat to a specific contact or path to seal or weld thermoplastic materials together, creating a seal. The bag sealing application is currently being used for a broad range of purposes worldwide including but not limited to heat seal connectors, thermally activated adhesives, film media, and plastic ports and foil sealing.

Bag sealing, is not a one size fits all solution, there are many different methods and techniques available, ensuring that those interested in bag sealing can sell their products in the most suitable and beneficial ways. Some of the most common types of bag sealing used today include:

Hot bar sealers

Continuous heat sealers

Impulse heat sealers

Hotwire sealing

Induction Sealing

Induction welding

Ultrasonic welding

All of which offer incredible benefits and advantages. Basically, whatever you are looking to seal or weld together, there is bound to be a bag sealer available that meets all of your individual needs and requirements.

Heat-sealing benefits 

  • Heat sealing machines are typically really easy to use, coming with simple instruction manuals and not usually requiring any training
  • These machines do not stay hot for long periods after being used meaning that they are perfect for workplaces looking to minimize accidents
  • Bag sealing provides efficient and effective packaging, completely sealing products from outside contamination, meaning bag sealing can even be used to package food products
  • Bag sealing machines and equipment is relatively affordable in comparison to other packaging machinery, especially when you consider its long lifespan and how affordable the materials are that is incorporates
  • Bag sealing is quick and can ensure that packaging processes can be trimmed down, allowing for companies to spend less on labor and for them to package a higher number of products in the same time frame

These are only a few of the wonderful benefits of heat sealing too.

A company to help you 

With some many different bag-sealing options to choose from it really is no wonder why so many people and companies struggle to determine the best bag sealers and machines for their intended purposes. You do not need to worry though. Sontex is an available bag sealing equipment supplier offering a whole host of high quality and modern bag sealers at competitive prices both available for rental and purchase. The company also have an in-house expert team who are able to provide assistance and guidance to people that have any doubts as to what bag sealing options are the best for their individual demands. Anyone requiring more information about bag sealing or looking for the best bag sealers should not hesitate to visit the Sontex website today, where we are sure that they will not be left disappointed and that they will be able to find everything that they are looking for and more.

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