What are the benefits of Telehealth?

The benefits of telehealth over the traditional method of having a one-one with your medical practitioner is huge. This is a concept that has come in to revolutionize the concept of healthcare delivery system. You can now get access to quality Medicare irrespective of your location with peace of mind. Healthcare delivery has never been this smooth; the following are some of the benefits of this novel idea brought into the healthcare system:


Patient Portal

This is an alternative to the email that you are used to. It provides a more secure online tool compared to the email and you can use it to do the following:

  • Get prescription refills
  • Effectively communicate with your doctor or nurse
  • Review your visits to the Medicare personnel
  • Schedule or request appointment.

Virtual Appointments

Patients who have to wait long hours on the queue in order to make a one-one consultation with their medical practitioner knew the stress and the attendant waste of productive time that comes with it. Now, one of the benefits of telehealth is the fact that you can now make consulting a virtual affair that will not waste your time. You can meet with your practitioner through online video conferencing.

Web Based Visits

There is this concept of a web-based visit as well. This is useful where the illness that you want to treat are the minor ones. Logging into a web-based service will take you through a series of questions and your answers will lead to the prescriptions that will help resolve the minor issue.

The Nursing Call Center

There is the option of the Nursing call center which is staffed by Nurses. Here, the approach is that of a question and answer which the Nurse will use to provide you with expert advice on what to do to overcome the challenge. The role is to provide advice for care at home. It should be noted that a nursing call center will not diagnose, neither will it prescribe medication for any illness.

It Provides Remote Monitoring

Other benefits of telehealth are in the area of remote monitoring. There are some varieties of technologies in place which the experts use to monitor your health. Some of them include:

  • Web-based/mobile app that is used to upload information that will help enhance your health status.
  • There are devices that will measure your blood pressure and other related wirelessly transmit such to your medic.
  • There are devices which you can wear and such will record and automatically transmit the message in the form of information. Issues such as tremors, posture control, heart rate, blood glucose, gait, physical activity/sleep patterns can be measured and easily transmitted to effect needed medical solutions.
  • The challenge of healthcare for the elderly and the children are effectively taken care of through home monitoring devices that detect changes in their normal activities.


The benefits of telehealth far outweigh the little disadvantages that come with it. This is a concept that should be embraced by everyone that desires quality health with no attendant issues attached.

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