What Are The Essential Qualities Of A Good Secretary?

All kinds of people across the whole board of different industries require a secretary to perform a range of duties that go a long way towards keeping the small organisation or larger business in line. It is certainly a highly important job and sometimes a secretary that carries out the responsibilities exactly how they need to be done can be quite tough to find. To be a good secretary these are some of the essential traits and qualities that are needed.

Polite and friendly
Businesses can have a high number of visitors to their premises each day and the first person they report to is the secretary. As this is the case it is vital that they are available to welcome them and to offer them any information that may be needed, whether it is directing them to the room or floor they need to go to or informing them of how long it will be before they can be seen by the person in the company they have come to meet. It also makes a huge difference if they can do this with a smile on their face as it goes a long way towards sealing the impression that a visitor can have of the company as a whole.

Good organisational and literary skills
There is a lot of administrative work that needs to be done by a secretary so it is crucial to have a good balance between organisation and good spelling and grammar. Besides these fundamental skills it is also necessary for them to be able to use a number of computer programs and systems effectively. Being able to pick up new skills and techniques that will help them to do the job in the most effective and swift way is also important for any secretary.

Good inter-personal qualities and professionalism
At one time or another every person in the company will tend to need to refer to the secretary for information or to run an idea by them so it is very important that they are approachable and can communicate well with all kinds of people. This is necessary with regard to those who work there but it is also vital when clients or visitors come in because the secretary is a huge representation of the organisation. Personal issues affect everyone at various points in their life and although it can be hard sometimes it is important for a good secretary to not let anything adversely affect their work.

Article written by Samantha Williams on behalf of the specialists in secretarial recruitment in London – http://www.atticrecruitment.co.uk/.

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