What Are The Health Benefits Of Tennis?

The affection for tennis is different in certain areas of the world. For example, you can find it loved and played much more frequently in Australia than in the UK. Regardless of how widespread the sport may be though it is still an activity that people from all over look to get involved in and the health benefits that are attached to it are most certainly vast.

Getting into and keeping shape
Those who play tennis on a consistent basis will testify as to just how beneficial the game is for getting you into shape and maintaining a level of fitness. Tennis is ideal for weight loss in the first instance and once you have shed some pounds from taking part in the activity you will go on to find that it is fantastic for toning your muscles and increasing how adept you are at using them. You will become more versatile and develop more strength in the muscles due to the continuous amount of shots you will play with your arms and wrists and the superb aerobic aspect that comes from the surface you will cover as you move around the court.

Good for the brain
There is a strong tactical element to sport in general and tennis is definitely one of those that requires a certain degree of nous to win games in. As this is the case it stands to reason that the brain gets used often and this is excellent for improving your reactions to certain situations. It allows you to be fully switched on and to make a split-second decision that will have a direct impact on your fortunes within the game and it has been suggested by some scientists that this can encourage new nerve connections. In addition to this it is also superb in improving the coordination between your eyes and your hands.

Your balance is given an extensive amount of fine-tuning from playing tennis and you can take this into other areas of your life and leisure. The movements in tennis that encourage your balance to be worked upon include the frequent switches in direction that you are made to undertake.

Enjoyment and social benefits
Working out the body’s muscles is terrific in so many ways but perhaps the greatest thing about the sport is the possibility of achieving this while also having a good time. A lot of sports have a strong social element attached to them and tennis is another great example so get active and get involved.

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