What Are The Symptoms Of Heart Disease?

In the minds of many people there is nothing more serious than a condition or problem regarding the heart. It is certainly not an area to be at all flippant towards and if you think there may even be a slight chance of something not being quite right you should not hesitate to go and see your doctor. In many cases it will not be anything serious but there is no room to ignore any indication when it comes to your heart. Here are some of the possible warning signs with regard to heart disease that you should look out for and react to if you experience them.

Feeling dizzy or light-headed
It is very important to be clear that feeling dizzy or light-headed can be related to almost any number of factors ranging in seriousness. Heart disease can certainly be considered one of these though so make an appointment with your doctor if you have had episodes of this. There is every chance that it is not heart disease, or even anything at all serious, but by getting yourself checked over you will be able to find out if there is anything untoward that needs further attention.

Pain in your chest
Of all the symptoms related to heart problems the majority of people will associate chest complaints most strongly with them. It is impossible to limit chest pains to one particular feeling so taking on a cautious approach is the best way. If you know that something does not feel quite right with regard to your chest, whether it is a sharp pain, a feeling of increased tightness or indeed anything else different to how it normally feels then react to it and see someone.

Difficulty to breathe
The obvious characteristic of heart disease is that its symptoms are all signs that can point to any number of other conditions and finding it hard to breathe is another of these. If you are struggling in this way then it could be related to your heart or your lungs.

If you have noticed that your heart is going through periods when it is not beating in the usual manner then these are known as palpitations. With palpitations the rhythm of your heartbeat can be disrupted, leading to stronger beats at some moments and skips in the rhythm at other times. Heart palpitations can be an indicator of a number of other issues including supraventricular tachycardia and premature ventricular complexes, to name but two.

Article written by Deborah Johnson on behalf of the Harley Street cardiologist – http://www.londoncardiovascularclinic.co.uk/.

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