What artists need to know about giclee

What is giclee printing, and what do artists need to know about this method of printing art? We take a look into the history of giclee and what benefits this type of fine art reproduction can have for the artist.

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What is giclee?

Despite sounding more crafty and exotic than it actually is, giclee printing is simply the term for printing on high-quality inkjet printers. These printers can use multiple colour cartridges, which helps create more exact colour resolutions and depths of original paintings than earlier printers were able to provide. They can also copy at a higher pixelation to create a more exact and precise print. However, when they first came about in the early ’90s, a printer named Jack Duganne in France coined the term giclee, which roughly translates to squirt, in order to give it a bit more mystery and finesse. This kind of printing creates such good copies of original paintings that it’s now widely thought of as the best way to reproduce art. Fine art giclee prints have made many famous and not-so-famous paintings, much more accessible to the wider public, who are able to pick up prints for a fraction of the price of original paintings. Unlike lithographic printing, inkjet requires the use of quality paper.

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Is giclee a good choice for the artist?

As an artist looking to sell your own work, the use of giclee has a range of benefits. First, you need only scan your painting in once, and when you have it as a digital copy, you can reproduce copies on demand, therefore limiting wastage. In fact, copies can literally be printed only when an order is made. Selling art online, whether originals or prints, is also a great way to reach new markets.

Giclee printing is also faster than lithographic printing, which means you can produce more prints quicker, especially when you use an online service such as http://www.river-studio.com/fine-art-printing/fine-art-giclee-printing.php.

For most artists, having a good, commercial understanding of the different print processes is important as you will ultimately need to make a decision about how you want your artwork printed should you find a demand for your work that goes beyond originals. Most artists find that Giclee printing offers a lot of advantages over more traditional printing processes.