What Does Your Choice of Perfume Say About You?

Did you know that there is some very interesting data out there that links the perfume that you wear to the personality you have? That’s right and by taking a look below, you can be sure to find out which category you fit into.

Citrus Lovers

If you look at your women’s perfume collection, what do you see? If you see a lot of citric scents, then there’s a high chance that you lead the pack. You’re an alpha and you may even be strong-minded too. You may also have the trait of being a born leader and this can sometimes come across as being dominant.

Rose Wearers

Rose-scented perfume indicates that you are sensitive and that you also weigh up all of the options that are in front of you before you go ahead and make a choice. Impulse control will probably never be an issue for you, and you may even try and be considerate when making even the smallest of choices. Your rosy record will help you to focus on the future because you have very few regrets, and you are always willing to help people out when they need it.

Lavender Lovers

Can you not get enough of that lavender scent? If so then you probably have a group of friends who you are very close with. People will love hanging around you and you may even find that you get along with just about everyone you meet. There is also a high chance that you value friendship and that you are very thoughtful. You are never the one to let people down and you also can’t wait to surprise your loved ones with a treat on their birthday. You just care in general, and it shows.

Vanilla, anyone?

You may be under the impression that those who wear vanilla scents are bland and “blah”. This is not the case at all. Those who tend to gravitate towards vanilla perfume tend to be energetic and lively. They may also be the life of the party and fun. It’s really the opposite to what you would have thought. If you wear vanilla perfume, then you probably know how to get the party started and you may also love drinking and dancing too. A highly social environment is where you seem to thrive.

Sandalwood and High-Achievers

If you tend to lean towards sandalwood as a scent then you’re a perfectionist. You’ve probably been your own biggest critic for your entire life. Sometimes you might not be able to meet your own high expectations, and this can cause you some distress, but at the same time it can help you to be a prouder person overall. You have to remember that nobody out there is judging you as much as you’d think and that it is possible for you to attain a standard of success that really is good enough.

These are just a few personality traits for some of the most popular perfumes. Which category do you fall into?

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