What Does Your Gift Say About You?

There are many occasions during the year that can fill you with dread. When it comes to birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries, you are stuck frantically thinking about buying that present that you haven’t thought of, the best gift ever bought for someone. We all buy gifts in different ways; what does your gift say about you?

What Does Your Gift Say About You?

Difficulty choosing?

If you are indecisive about buying a present for a loved one, this is not something that reflects badly on you. It can often mean that you are anxious about buying for them rather than not knowing what they might like. If we see the gift as a symbol of the relationship, we feel under pressure, and that translates into difficulty choosing. Don’t feel bad the next time this happens!

Receiving an inappropriate gift

When you receive a gift that is of no use to you or doesn’t match your interests, it can be quite upsetting. It may be that there is poor communication between you, and the person giving the gift may see you very differently than you see yourself. Talk to them about it. It may just be that they are buying something that they would like themselves; in that case, you know what to get them for Christmas!

What Does Your Gift Say About You?

Family members

Buying for family members can be really tricky. Because you know them very well, you might be tempted to choose something a little too personal. One way to get around this is to get them something personalized. For example, lap trays such as https://personalisedlaptrays.co.uk/collections/lap-trays are practical yet fun.

When you are buying for a whole family, consider something that will work for everyone, such as a game or a cooking appliance they can all use.

Why do I never receive jewelry?

Disappointment about not receiving jewelry from your partner is quite common, but it might not mean what you think. Far from signifying a lack of commitment, it could mean that they don’t attach the same sentimental importance to gift-giving that you do. It may be that your partner is being pragmatic in their choice and is instead thinking about what you need. Jewelry is extremely personal and can be daunting to choose for others. Don’t worry about the gadget you receive this year; it was chosen with the best of intentions.