What Gets Damaged In A Rear-End Collision?

Driving too closely behind another vehicle (tailgating), sudden stopping, inattention and reduced traction – these are what usually causes a rear-end collision. Simply called ‘rear-end’, it is an accident where one vehicle crashes into another vehicle, which is typically in front of it. Throughout the years, this has been one of the most common types of car collisions. Should you be faced with this, below we listed the car parts that you should look into since they are most likely to be damaged on a rear-end collision.

What Gets Damaged In A Rear-End Collision

  1. Front Bumper

In case you happen to be the vehicle that has crashed into the vehicle in front of you, watch out for this. Yes, bumpers are naturally designed to absorb impact in case of collisions, but it can only handle so much. A 5-mph impact is the highest it can take. Any collision beyond that will most probably result to its significant damage.

  1. Headlights

There is no doubt why this got into the list of the most commonly damaged parts when in a rear-end collision. Headlights (or headlamps) are usually made from polycarbonate plastic and/or glass. With that, it cannot possibly hold up to the impact of a crash, even minor ones. So if your bumper happens to be broken by the crash, chances are your headlights are dented, too.

  1. Grille

Most cars display a grille at the front of the vehicle. Used as a cover to an opening in order to allow enough air to enter, this protects both the engine and the radiator. Since its location is close to the bumper, the grille is also just as vulnerable to damage.

  1. Hood

The hood is typically made out of steel, although making it out of aluminum is slowly becoming the trend. Automobile makers have designed hoods to deform and crumple (and not stay rigid) in cases of collision – absorbing the energy of the impact so that it does not transmit to the occupants of the car. Frame segments are built in here so it can bend and collapse onto itself once kinetic energy is transferred as a result of the crash.

  1. Air Conditioners and Air Bags

Although the four vehicle parts mentioned above constitute the exterior of a car, internal damage is not crossed off the list. Moderate to severe rear-end collision impact may cause damage to these parts.

  1. Taillights

Now if you happen to be the vehicle in front, your taillights will suffer the impact of the accident.

Have you recently been in a rear-end collision? Or are you looking for more information about your auto body parts? Make sure to call your friendly neighborhood auto body repair shop to get more detailed info and a proper quote for repair.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited offers the best auto body repair Columbia MO has to offer.