What Is A Retirement Community And How They Can Improve?

What Is a Retirement Community?

A retirement community is a complex for active adults to live in, but they also provide medical assistance when it is needed.  To be classified as a retirement community there should be an age restriction, the adults should be partially or fully retired and the community should offer amenities.

Types of Communities

-Mobile homes of RV’s

-Congregate housing (this means they share one meal a day with the other residents)

-Independent living

-Subsidized housing for lower income adults

-Communities that lifestyle oriented

-Communities that offer continuous care

Ways Retirement Community Can Improve

-The employees need to be trained to help assist adults during emergency situations.

-There should be fitness programs that are age appropriate, and if there are walking trails available benches should be placed throughout to allow for rest.

-The chefs and cooks should learn what the proper nutrition is for older adults both for the adults that are active or need meals brought to them.

-Preventative healthcare should be provided for the entire community.

-The community should be designed for safe driving conditions such as easy-to-read road signs, designated left-turn lanes and have reflective road markings.

-The homes should be able to be modified for the adults with special needs.

-Programs should be provided to assist the elderly with their taxes and other money issues, and also to help them recognize what it is fraud.

-Job training should be made available for those adults who desire to continue working after retirement.

-Give them the opportunity to be a part of organizing community events.

How to Choose the Retirement Community for You

Choosing a retirement community can be difficult because you have to decide where you want to live, and you want to be able to take care of yourself, so that you do not have to burden your family members.  Of course, they are willing to help you, but it is nice to do things on your own.

The first thing you need to do is decide in what kind of community would like to live.  Do you want to live in an active community?  Would like a community a community with many amenities?  Do you want to be part of a large or small community?  Would you like the community to have the option of 24-hour personal care?

Once you decide on what kind of community you desire, the next step is to research a few communities and then visit each one.  It is a good idea to bring someone along with you because it could become overwhelming, and you will need another opinion.  When you visit each community bring a notebook with you, which should contain questions that you would like to ask the employees and the residents.  Right down the answers you receive from each community, and then go home and start eliminating.  You might not find the exact community that offers everything you want, but choose the one that has the most.

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