What Is CSS And Why Should You Care?

CSS stands for a function in HTML coding called cascading style sheets. CSS is responsible for the organized appearance of most websites that you visit.

In the early days of HTML coding there was a problem with the way HTML organized information and this problem affected how the website appeared.  In order to solve this problem HTML coders would have to write a lot of extra code and this extra code required websites to use more resources in order to display the web site.

The Evolution of CSS

If you remember back in the early days of the internet you may recall how simple most websites were. This was a direct result of the limitations of HTML at the time.

Over time as the internet continued to expand it became obvious that something had to be done about the limitations of HTML in regards to organizing and displaying information on  web site. If there wasn’t something done to solve this problem then the internet would be a limited place for commerce.

With the release of HTML 4.0 the answer to this problem was found and this answer was the cascading style sheet. These cascading style sheets made it possible to organize and display information in a much more efficient way without changing HTML itself.

Is CSS Actually Important?

Now someone may be thinking that this whole CSS thing is really not that big a deal. The simple fact is that they would be wrong.

CSS it what allows the internet to be what it is today. It allows for small websites to look and act just the same as large websites because of the way it makes everything more efficient. CSS is behind a lot of the “shopping cart” technology and is one of the main forces behind the current shape of internet commerce.

If you ever wonder exactly what CSS is good for, log onto any major commerce site and look at how the information is displayed and how the purchase of goods is handled. While all of this could be done with HTML, CSS makes it much more efficient. Instead of having to write several thousand extra lines of code CSS allows for HTML coders to write in CSS commands which saves them time and allows the page to do more with less resources.

At this moment in time CSS has become such an integral part of HTML coding that it is unlikely anything will make it go away. For this reason having an understanding of CSS and what it does for a website is very important to anyone who wants to either design web pages or use the web for business.

While you can get a lot of what CSS does done with HTML, CSS makes it all much more efficient and thus will save you time and money. You don’t have to have a complete knowledge of CSS unless you want to get into more advanced website design but known the basics of it all is never going to be a bad thing.

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