What Is Online Backup And Online Backup Services ?

Today, the world has been digitalized and hard copies are not given much importance. Data stored in the hard drive is just waiting for a crash to be destroyed. Therefore, there is always a need to secure music, photos, files, videos and documents etc. The online backup services are available for saving data at any off-site server areas. It will automatically make sure that the data is secured and available even hard drives is crashed or lost in any case.

Price and Plan
Price has always been the main factor by which consumers decide what option to choose and what not to. There are various companies offering services of online backup system for the consumers. Carbonite is an online backup service that is offering unlimited storage to the customers at $50 annually. IDrive is also offering its online backup service at $49.99 having unlimited space to secure consumer’s data. It is important to note that unlimited is not meant here as “infinite”. There will be slowness involved in data securing for backup when the consumers exceeds the limit of 200GB that is generally meant for speedy transfer of data with accurate recovery. There are also services offered by the same companies to have speedy transfer of data even after 200GB at $99 annually. This amount sometimes reaches to $150 annually. It depends upon the restrictedness of a consumer to his or her single computer. The companies which offer the plans of recruiting data from more than one PC will demand higher prices.

Mobile Option
Most of the online backup plans can also be accessed via mobile. These mobile apps are provided by IPhones, IPad and Android tablets and cells. Some companies like SOS Online Backup service also facilitate the consumers by giving them an additional opportunity for sending links to attain file downloads. This service is not provided by IDrive. However, your phone contacts and photos can be accessed through IDrive online backup service and it is free to everyone.

Folder Syncing
Folder Syncing is also another element generally provided by MiMedia, Nomadesk and SpiderOak that facilitates the consumers to not only access the data from an off-site location but they can also edit or update the data. However, the Crash Plan is offering much more than that. Now anyone can access to their own computer and its resources no matter upon which PC they are currently sitting.

There are also services provided to assist the consumers how and why do they choose a particular location to intact their resources for an online backup. The selection of a specific plan depends upon the individual consumer. For example, some people want to view their online backup system via phones and some people want their whole computer resources at an off-site location on someone else’s computer. For this purpose, various companies with plans like Backblaze 2.0, Carbonite, CrashPlan 3.0, IDrive (2011), Jungle Disk 3.1, KineticD, MiMedia, MozyHome 2.0, Nomadesk 4.0, Norton Online Backup 2.0, SOS Online Backup Home Edition 4.7.4 and SpiderOak etc are offering different options and strategies to be explored.

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