What is Less Expensive, Above or In-Ground Pools?

In-Ground PoolsWhen you make the decision to bring pool fun to your home, one of your first questions may be how much will this cost. People will frequently look at the price of in-ground pools and quickly turn their back on that option. Fortunately, there are above ground pool options that can offer stability and quality.

Until recently above ground pools were pretty uncommon. Since they have expanded in popularity, many families have been able to enjoy this low-cost option by simply visiting their local department store and choosing one off a shelf. While this can appear like a benefit, it does come with some bad stereotypes that it will provide you with low quality and a short lifespan.

Some prospective pool buyers may be unaware that there are actually above ground pools that can provide high-quality enjoyment. These are a great option due to their low cost and durability, making them a preferred option for those on a budget but want to enjoy some cooling fun in the sun.

Continue reading this article to discover why backyard above ground pools can be a preferred option for those looking to buy a pool.


Another perk of enjoying an above ground pool is that it is temporary. Compared to in-ground pools, it is a quick process and can be moved if you would like. There is no need for a contractor, large hole to be created, or high expenses. It simply needs to be delivered, moved, and installed.


If you have a pet or small child, you may be worried about safety when it comes to having a pool. Something to consider is how the pool is installed. Since these temporary pools are above ground, it is typically more difficult for a pet or child to fall into the water. Although no matter the pool you go with, such as an above ground pool built into a deck, a fence built around the pool can help improve child and pet safety conditions.

pool safety


Regardless whether your pool is above or in-ground, you will need cleaning equipment and chemicals to keep the pool clean. If you go with an above ground pool, it likely is smaller than an in-ground pool. Which means you will need fewer chemicals and water to take care of it. All resulting in fewer costs.


The combination of fewer chemicals, fewer installation costs, and fewer equipment items needed, all result in an above ground pool being the less expensive option. It is also important to note that just because the above ground option is less expensive, it does not mean it will give you poor quality. Above ground, pools can last anywhere from 10 to 25 years.

Lastly, if you think an above ground pool will limit the amount of fun or options available to you as you enjoy your new addition, know there are plenty of options available. Accessories such as fountains, waterfalls, and even diving boards can make any above ground pool look like a million bucks.

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