What Makes A Beautiful Garden?

What do you think makes a beautiful garden? The kind of garden where one stops in awe and wonder, to sit or walk a while and not simply pass through with barely a glance? Here are some of the ways clever gardeners capture our imagination and show us the beauty of nature:

  1. Variety of Colours

A stunning garden is often one which shines with a rainbow of color, multi-layers of texture and different shapes. It doesn’t mean we have to be assaulted with a barrage of color on the senses either, as green comes in about fifty different shades on its own. A garden can exhibit a huge variety of shades of just one color, if the textures and shapes are exciting and different. A perfect combination of shiny, soft, furry, spiky etc.

  1. Layers

When it comes to the layout of a spectacular garden, they often incorporate different layers. For example, a canopy of tall trees, smaller shrubs, flower beds at ground level, steps up to a different area, vines, hanging baskets and layered ferns can all provide different aspects for our eyes to be drawn to.

What Makes A Beautiful Garden?

  1. Features

A focal point or feature is another common aspect of impressive gardens. Without something for the eye to be drawn to, it can be easy to overlook the whole space. It can be something as small and simple as a birdbath, a path leading to a bench or a fountain. A larger space might benefit from something much grander, like a specially commissioned ornament or Bronze Wildlife Sculpture. Visit  Beautiful bronze wildlife sculptures by Gill Parker to see why these would gracefully adorn any garden.

  1. Wildlife

A beautiful garden is one which attracts and supports wildlife. This is the sign that a garden is flourishing and healthy. It might not appear instantly obvious but the sound of birds twittering in the trees is as important as the design and planting. Squirrels, butterflies, bees, and insects – all the creatures that a garden needs to be a healthy habitat. Wildlife is very interconnected with the health of a garden so a garden that welcomes and encourages a variety of wildlife not only beautiful but sensible as well.

What Makes A Beautiful Garden?

  1. Grouping

For sheer aesthetics, group together flowers or foliage of the same color for maximum visual impact. Could moving the colors around make a difference to the way a garden looks? By grouping colors together and then framing them with a different color or shade makes a bigger visual impact on the eye. Balance and repetition are further design tricks often employed in the most successful gardens. Bright colorful pots or interestingly shaped containers add further depth, texture, and pleasing aesthetics.

  1. Appeals to the senses

Most of the best gardens have elements that appeal to all of our senses. They have noise from wildlife, delicious fragrances, plants you want to reach out and touch, colorful flowers and herbs you want to pick and taste right away. If you can incorporate some or all of these elements, then you’re on your way to having a beautiful garden.