What Makes Indian Weddings To Stand Out

pexels-photo-1456613Even though Indian weddings stand out, it is important to remember that, the entire event is overwhelming to the couple. Even though they are loved, they can really take a toll on the mental sanity of the organizers. If you think only about the fun, crazy, and pretty elements of the wedding, then there is a big list which could be crude but as a guest, you will love everything.

Here are some of the things which will make an Indian wedding to stand out:

  • During the wedding, there is a lot of food for everyone that attends. You will need to prepare to eat until you cannot eat anymore. On a lighter note, dress loosely so that you don’t feel tight in your clothing after the wedding. Foods you will not miss at such a wedding include Pizza, Biryani, Dosas, GulabJamun, Samosas and everything high cholesterol.
  • You always think that to plan a wedding, it is a tough thing. When you attend a five-day Indian wedding, you will realize that planning a 3-hour event for one day is an easy thing. Planning for the five days for Indian weddings makes them stand out.
  • When it comes to guests, there are a lot of people who attend an Indian marriage. There will be so many people, but you might mistake the wedding to be the start of a mosh. Apart from the people, some will come with a variety of animals: horses, peacocks, name them. You might even mistake the wedding area to be a zoo.
  • As a woman attending an Indian wedding, ensure that you dress decently and don’t expose any part of your body, especially the upper part as it might attract unwanted attention.
  • When you are invited for an Indian wedding, whatever time is posted on the invite, add one or two hours to it because their functions rarely start at the expected time. Unless it is Muhurth, which is the name given for the official time the couple is set to get married, nothing else starts on time.
  • At weddings, Indian women wear their best and finest. There will be no shortage of gold. You can compare it to a gold exposition without the selling part of it. So if you have any gold ornaments, this is the time to wear it and rest assured that, you might even not be noticed because there are those who have better than what you have.
  • During an Indian wedding, it is possible that you might just know the groom and the bride. And if luckier, then you might know the groom and the bride’s parents. If you are the groom or the bride, you might only know four people at the wedding: the person you are marrying, their parents, and yourself. It is possible that you might even not know the person you are marrying.
  • When it comes to food at Indian weddings, there are no queues. It is normally a stampede which is survived by only the most fearsome wedding goers and the strongest.

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