What On Earth Is A Water Ionizer?

In a nutshell – A high-quality Water Ionizer transforms regular tap water into a tremendously potent antioxidant, which slows down your aging process and aids bodily functions.

How does a Water Ionizers function?

Water Ionizers typically have two water chambers -one with a negative electrode, the other with a positive electrode. The negative electrode attracts positive minerals (alkaline minerals) to its chamber, whilst the positive electrode attracts negative minerals (acidic minerals), to its chamber. The water entering the ionizer has both the aforementioned minerals mixed together, but after the ionization process is complete – one chamber has nothing but acidic-type minerals; while the other contains only alkaline range minerals. These two chambers are separated by a membrane with exceptionally tiny holes – so that small water molecules can pass through, while larger inorganic minerals can’t pass through.

The Ionization process occurs as water flows through the ionizer, and does not require any minerals or chemicals to be added to the water. It simply separates the minerals already present in the water to an acidic side, or to the alkaline side. If the water contains no minerals, the ionizer can’t make neither acidic nor alkaline water.

Why Do I Need a Water Ionization Water-purification System?

People now have the ability to transform ordinary tap water into potent antioxidant and anti-aging water, charged up with a Negative Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) – which further delays our aging process. Basically, a positive ORP instigates oxidation at the cellular level, which in turn quickens the aging process. The negative ORP of Ionized Water essentially slows the aging process by countering positive ORP. In other words – Ionized Water basically renews our bodies at a cellular level. Life is a fundamentally a chemical process, and since our bodies are approximately 3/4 water, we can achieve amazing results by simply drinking alkaline ionized water, charged up with high-level electron energy.

Let’s look at an example: fresh citrus juice has an ORP of -250. Even though we can only drink a few glasses of fresh citrus juice a day – we can drink as much Ionized Water as we require. People in the Western world are only now beginning to appreciate the many benefits gained from drinking ionized water. The billions-upon-billions of body cells need ‘structured water’ so as to remain properly hydrated. When our skin dehydrates it becomes ‘wrinkly’, which isn’t really a sign of aging – but rather our negligence to keep our bodies properly hydrated.

Ionized Water is an Incredible Detoxifying Agent:

This is mostly due to the reduced size of the water molecule-clusters. Once reduced, these water molecule-clusters easily pass through our body’s tissue and flushes out toxins rather effectively. Water ionizers have various levels of strength. Consequently – individuals who are toxic can begin the detoxifying process by drinking mildly Ionized Water, slowly increasing the strength of dose as they acclimate to it.

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