What Photos Do You Need In The Perfect Wedding Photo Album

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days of your life. Not only do you want something to remember it by, but family members, people who couldn’t make it and maybe one day your children, or even grandchildren, will want to share in the experience; the best way to show them is through an amazing wedding photo album.

You want to make sure your wedding album captures every aspect of the day wonderfully, so that you don’t feel anything was missed out. Below are some of the essential photos you need to make the perfect wedding photo album.

Getting Ready
The morning before the wedding will be busy, nerve racking and very exciting. A few simple shots of the bride having her hair and make-up done, getting her dress on and spending her last few hours as a single woman are the perfect way to start a wedding photo album. Pictures of the bridesmaids and the bride’s family getting ready are also fantastic photos to include.

Similarly, it’s great to have pictures of the groom with his groomsmen and family as he prepares for the day ahead. Putting his suit on and fastening the flowers to his suit jacket are always favourite wedding shots.

The Ceremony
The moment the groom sees the bride for the first time as she enters the church and walks down the aisle will be a moment implanted in his mind forever. Capturing his face in a photo as he sees her is a priceless shot and an essential wedding photo.

The bride walking down the aisle, her father giving her away, the moment rings are exchanged and the sweet first kiss as a married couple are also key photos to be included in a wedding photo album.

 You may also want to include shots of the bride or groom on their own or together in a different location

Traditionally, after the ceremony the bride and groom pose for many photographs with a variety of people outside the church. Although you might think it’s obvious, it’s very important to know exactly what photos you want before the big day. You don’t want to get your photos back and realize you missed someone very important.

The most important family photos include: the couple with the brides immediate family, the couple with the grooms immediate family, the couple with their extended families and the couple with just their parents. Try and ensure all family members who are present are in a photograph so you can include them in your wedding album.

Also don’t forget to photo the wedding flowers, after all the Florist will have worked long and hard on getting the floral designs for the day just right.

Wedding Party
It’s also important to have photographs taken with the wedding party. This will primarily be the bridesmaids and ushers or groomsmen, but you may also want a photograph with the vicar or person who married you.

It’s important to remember that these photographs can be fun! Why not try some unusual set ups to spice up the photographs a little? One particular wedding album photo favourite is the groom and the groomsmen holding the bride as she lay across them; not quite a traditional photo but lots of fun!

The Reception / Evening Doo
Finally, there are a lot of key moments at the wedding reception and evening doo, which will play a key role in your perfect wedding photo album. Lots of people like to have a photograph of every table to ensure all their guests are included in the photos.

The traditional cutting of the cake also happens at the reception, as well as the bride throwing her bouquet. The evening doo usually includes the infamous first dance, and the sendoff as the couple leave into the night; all of which you need to captured to create your perfect wedding photo album.

To create the perfect wedding photo album you need to ensure that all aspects of the wedding are photographed, from getting ready to leaving at the end of the night.

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An article by Natalie Moody.

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