What Should A University Open Day Include?

The stage of a person’s life when they are coming up to the end of their sixth form or college education is one that contains so much possibility. It is also a period that can leave somebody unsure of so many things as they prepare to make a decision that will go a long way towards shaping their future career and life. University is an option that many people choose to take but with such details as tuition fees now so high it is not a decision that should be made without feeling totally sure that you are making the right call. University open days play a large part in the final decision that many young people make and with regard to those who are in charge of running these days it is important that the most important arrangements are included in the itinerary.

Specific course information
Any person who goes on an open day to a university will have some idea of the kind of area that they would like to further their studies in. Some people have their mind clearly focused on one subject area that they are committed to whereas others are slightly less sure and more open to considering a few different possibilities. It is the job of the open day to convince its possible future students that this is the ideal place for them to study. There should be plenty of specific information about the courses that are offered and people should be able to easily find the one that they want to go over and hear all about. Clearly marking the areas will make everything run smoothly and this is where exhibition stands are so useful.

Accommodation advice
The accommodation that a student stays in during their time at university is such a huge part of their whole experience and happiness so it is fundamental that your open day can give them all the advice they need. It is a good idea to have people available who can speak from their own experiences of staying in the accommodation.

Area tour
The university itself is very important to those who are looking around but they will also have a considerable interest in the town or city that it is situated in. You should provide them with a tour of the immediate surrounding area and also tell them about some of the main reasons why they would want to live in the area. Including information about the facilities such as the university gym and student union is also important so take them to these places too.

Article written by Aaron Reid on behalf of the exhibition stand designers – finessegroup.com.

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