What Should You Keep In Mind Before You Give A Presentation?

Presentations are something that the vast majority of people will be called upon to give at some point, whether it is at school, for a university assessment or while in the workplace. It can be a slightly nervy procedure to have to prepare for and go through but if you are well aware of the best way to go about it then there is nothing to fear.

Take care of the visuals
Firstly, it is so important when you are giving a presentation that your audience can properly see everything that you are presenting. Make sure that the projector works well enough so that all of your slides and other resources can be displayed in a clear manner to those who are watching it. Even if you manage to put in a superb presentation with your body language and the things you say you can still slip up to an extent if you do not get the visual aspect right. In terms of the content itself never go for irritating colours, such as a bright font on a white background, and make sure that the images do not take up too much of each slide.

Use the screen as nothing more than a prompt
Always remember that a presentation is about what you can give to those who are watching so you should not need to constantly look at the screen for the information you are providing. Slide shows and suchlike should just be a visual guide to break things down a little bit further for the audience and you can use them as a prompt but you should certainly limit the time you spend looking at them to mere glances while you are talking.

The right body language
Your body language can say a lot about you in a presentation so make sure that the impression you give off is one that is both relaxed and confident. It can be a distraction to those who are watching if you are constantly fidgeting so keep generally still, but not rigid, and be in a position that you feel comfortable standing in.

Practice thoroughly
In a way, a presentation is like a performance you rehearse, so it takes a certain amount of practice to run through how you will do it when it comes down to your moment. Find a space in private to familiarise yourself with the running order of what you will present and get a friend or family member to give you feedback if possible.

Article written by Danny Anderson on behalf of gmav.co.uk noticeboards who provide projectors, noticeboards and many other display facilities.

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