What Should You Look For And How Much Does A Portable Restroom Cost?

Questions to Ask Portable Restroom Companies

The first thing to do when ordering a portable restroom is to call different companies in your town and ask them questions about their services.

-Ask them if their restrooms are safe and sanitary.

-Ask about possibilities of getting a standard toilet versus a luxurious restroom.

-Do they offer handicap accessibility?

-What are the levels of luxurious restrooms?

-Do their restrooms follow regulatory specifications?

-If you need the restrooms for long periods of time, how often do they come and clean them?

-Are there any hidden charges that could show up later?

-How far in advance should you order your portable restroom?

A good company should be able to answer all your questions.  If they do not, keep looking until you find the one that is reliable, sanitary and follows all the regulations.

Costs of Portable Restrooms

-Standard restroom that non-flushing: this is usually used for sporting events and construction sites, and they cost around $100-175 a weekend

-A handicap, non-flushing toilet: this is larger and follows the ADA guidelines and is accessible for parents with children also, it should cost around $150-250 a weekend

-A flushing toilet with fresh water: this usually includes hand sanitizer and sometimes comes with a sink, and it costs $150-375 a weekend

-A luxurious restroom with stalls: this is typically used for weddings and special events, and it costs from $1000-4500 a weekend

Additional Costs

-A non-refundable reservation fee of $50-200 is for deluxe restrooms.

-If you want a sink with running water, it is $200 a weekend.

-Fuel surcharge or waste handling fee could be added depending on the company.

-Some places charge an extra fee for Saturday and Sunday delivery.

What Should a Portable Restroom Include?

-Can come with a sink or hand sanitizer.

-A luxurious restroom comes with sanitized toilet seats, urinals and sinks with running water.  Most start with two stalls, but they can go up to 10 stalls.  If they are fully equipped, they will have heat and A/C, hot and cold water, vanities, lights and an option for separate men and women stalls.

-Toilet paper, deodorizer, soap and paper towels.

-You should be able to get 90 to 100 for each before disposal is needed.  If you need the restroom for a long period of time, the company will come and clean it for you.

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