What Skills Are Essential To Get Marketing Jobs In UAE?

Are you planning to move to the UAE to work as a marketing manager you always dreamt of? UAE has emerged as the top destination for expatriates who intend to immigrate to the Middle East for working purposes.

With expatriates making up around one third of the work force, UAE has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for jobseekers. But in order to ensure that you are able to settle and work here, you need to know what skills or requirements are essential to get desirable Marketing jobs in UAE.

What Skills Are Essential To Get Marketing Jobs In UAE?

Let’s find some of the important ones:

Knowledge of Local Markets

Post recession, most companies based in UAE have started laying emphasis on the experience of candidates. If you have worked as a marketing professional for any company based in another part of the world, this doesn’t mean you will get hired.

You need to know about the existing market trends in the sector where you intend to work in UAE. Professionals with experience in the local market are preferred more in comparison to others as they have the ability to understand issues and solve problems of clients based here.

Therefore, you should update yourself with the existing market trends of companies based here. If for instance, you are applying for the designation of business development executive in a construction company in UAE, you need to find out the latest changes taking place in the real estate industry.

Excellent communication skills

A marketing professional with good verbal, written, presentation and listening skills have more chances of getting a job. You have to create a positive impression in the minds of prospective employers even at the first meeting. A knowledge of the Arabic language can also be a major plus point. Most companies based in the UAE prefer a bilingual candidate. So, in case you know English as well as Arabic, you will have a greater chance of getting a job in comparison to others.

Even if you are not very fluent in the language, having a basic understanding of it might to do the work at the professional level. If you go by the existing employment trends of companies based in UAE, you will find that at least half of them prefer to their prospective employees to have a good knowledge of English as well as Arabic. You can also undergo a short term personality development course in order to brush up your communication skills.

Critical Thinking

As a marketing professional, you need to have the capacity to solve problems and take important decisions. Any company which you apply to will evaluate this area of your personality in order to find out whether you have the ability to solve issues and take vital decisions.  Having high educational degrees may not help you if you do not have the ability to think critically.

Awareness about local culture

Work culture tends to vary from place to place. Therefore, you need to know more about the customs of the people of the country. As the organization where you will be working is likely to be a melting pot of different cultures, it would be wise on your part to avoid doing or saying anything which they may find offensive.


Once you have worked out on all areas in which you are lacking, then you should start applying for jobs based in any location of UAE which is suitable for you. Make sure that the cover letter which you are attaching to a job location explains what makes you suitable for the job.

Mention your major responsibilities and experience in a clear, concise manner. An informative and interesting cover letter will speak volumes about your skills as a marketing professional. It will give the interviewer a clear idea about your work profile, your achievements, plus points as well as educational qualifications.

You can get a good idea about ways to develop your resume by visiting a number of well known job sites like Bayt.com and Naukrigulf.com. Apart from these websites, you can also go through online versions of news papers based in this part of the world like Khaleej Times to get to know about the vacancies you are looking for in a specific industry. Regular follow up will help you get the dream job of your choice.

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