What Sort Of Fabric Is Poplin?

You may have heard the phrase ‘poplin’ or ‘tabinet’ thrown around when crafting or shopping for goods and wondered what sort of fabric this exotic-sounding material consists of. Well, it may surprise you to know that poplin isn’t a fabric in its own right. The term refers to the manner in which the fabric is woven.

What Sort Of Fabric Is Poplin?

Poplin weaves are highly prevalent in many clothing lines and are a popular choice for dress and shirt designers alike. They like the weave’s durability.

So Poplin’s Not a Fabric?

No, despite the implication, it’s not its own fabric. The confusion often stems from the evolution of the word ‘poplin’, as it used to refer to a blend of silk and wool. However, nowadays it generally refers to the style of weave. When you see an item which is designed using cotton poplin fabric, it’s actually generally a blend of cotton, often mixed with polyester when the structure is required to be a little more rigid (for example, when being used in shirt design). The ‘poplin’ part refers to the way in which the article in question is woven.

What Sort Of Fabric Is Poplin?

What Is a Poplin Weave?

In technical terms, a poplin weave refers to a style in which the weft and warp fibres intertwine – going over one fibre then under another. In slightly less complex terms, it is quite simply a ‘criss-cross’ pattern, which provides a lightweight, often corded effect on the finished product.

What Are the Benefits of Poplin?

Poplin is not only strong and durable, it is lighter than many other weaves, making it highly breathable. This means any garment with a poplin weave would prove to be an excellent choice for the summer months. It also means the design is particularly popular among shirt designers, as those having to wear a suit will not overheat when wearing the shirt beneath their jackets.

Where Can I Sample a Poplin Weave?

Most craft suppliers will be able to direct you towards a poplin weave. Sites such as https://www.higgsandhiggs.com/fabrics/cotton-poplin-fabric-112cm/dots/micro-pin-dots-1mm.html provide a range of samples to help you get started and will be able to provide advice on the best way to utilise poplin in your crafting.

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