What Successful People Believe In

Why are some people more successful than others? Is it their habits? Is it the way they approach life and work? Successful people have something in common aside from their work habits. They also have some things that they believe in. Here are some of those beliefs.

They don’t believe in deadlines
When given a 1-month deadline, some people use up all that time to finish their task. They procrastinate and do other things until it’s almost time to submit the work. Successful people believe that they fill time. They don’t believe in deadlines and finish their task ahead if they can. Sure, a deadline is good to have a specific timeframe but successful people will only take as much time as a project needs.

Aside from doing things quickly, they also do them effectively. They then use up their spare time to accomplish other things.

They surround themselves with people they chose
Average people have friends who are obnoxious or jerks. Average bosses have incompetent people around them. Average businessmen have difficult customers. You choose the people around you. They are in your life because you drew them in and you let them stay and do as they please.

Successful people carefully choose their friends, employees and even clients. If someone is a hindrance to his personal growth or business, he leaves him or takes him out of his life. Remember the saying, “birds of the same feather flock together”? It is only natural for successful people to be drawn to each other so choose the people who surround you well.

They believe in accomplishments, not experiences
Take this scenario for example. There are two persons applying for a job in sales and marketing. One resume says he has 15 years experience in the sales and marketing industry. The other says that he has been in the industry for only 2 years but has listed his accomplishments including winning the biggest retail chain account in their city. Who do you think the boss will choose to work for his company? Well, it all depends. Average bosses will look at the 15 years experience as an edge. He will think that this guy has already established contacts and clients. He will think that the other guy is a rookie and still has much to learn.

On the other hand, a successful boss will ignore the other guy and hire the rookie immediately. He cares about what the applicants have done and not how long they have been active.

They own failure
When you ask successful people the secrets to their success, it’s because they failed. The most successful people failed several times in their lives. Scientist and inventor George Washington Carver has discovered over 300 ways to use peanuts because he kept failing at his goal. He was thankful for these failures as they made him more successful.

Some outside source will cause you to fail but it is also your own doing. Try to embrace failure and see it as a stepping stone for success.

They create opportunities
Back in school, when the teacher asked for volunteers, did you always raise your hand or did you sink into your seat? If you are willing to try something new, you will always have an opportunity to learn and gain a new skill. You have the opportunity to meet new people and learn from them.

Highly successful people are eager to try new things and get themselves into different situations just so they can learn.

They believe in flexibility
Successful people have the ability to adjust to situations. If a customer wants them to do something outside their regular work, they do it as long as they get paid well for it. They go beyond the call of duty if it’s worth their while. Now don’t confuse this as being too focused on money. This just means that successful people don’t let an opportunity pass them by if they can do something about it especially if it means generating revenue. They are willing to listen to their customers and cater to their needs and wants and that is the foundation of a highly successful business.

They always do something extra
Successful people always do something extra, something special. They don’t wait to be asked to do something, they do it. They take special attention to details. They work beside their employees. They go and make the extra phone call to thank their clients after a huge sale. This is what makes them different than the regular folks.

Own these beliefs and you will find yourself successful over time.

This article was written by entrepreneur and business blogger Dan Spring. Please check out my site, Contractor Money Mortgages.

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